Help Advice me 2!

I notice there is a lot of Adon activity and people willing to comment on other’s videos; I also have a Youtube channel:

Most of the videos aren’t very good, I do think I’m getting better though. The early videos are Cody, but I was looking for some advice maybe. Right off the bat I know I don’t IAJK, haven’t worked that into my game just yet.

This video was against a pretty good Ryu. I think I did pretty well the first round, not as good the second but still won. Any comments would be helpful. I’ll also update and let you know when I post another video youtube worthy.


“A pretty good Ryu” I laugh, it’s just one match not the best way to judge him, most of the time when Ryu takes ultra II, he will smash the dp, happily he didn’t.

About this match the goods points :

Nice reaction to punish the whiff dp
You don’t miss your combos

Bad points :

Jaguar avalanche against Ryu, really, just tell me why ?
No rj hk anti air and he jumped a lot.
No poke.
No real game plan I found.
Too much jumps especially against a dp character.

We need more videos to really judge your Adon.

lol. I will post more videos when I capture more.
I currently only use u2. havent dabbled in u1 yet.
In a previous match I was safejumped real bad by ryu and kept getting knocked out. Maybe that mind F’d me.

I also don’t have a general pregame “gameplan”.

Yea that ryu was ass, but good shit regardless.

Heh back in chocolate I didnt have a gameplan either I just did some shit and I would win, but adon often needs to use footsies to work his opponent in the corner so he can fuck em up. A quick way to work AJK into ya gameplan is to use them like you would use jks in your block strings but mix em up nobody likes being predictable. Also yea too much jumping and hoping something would work out gotta make sure you calm down and see what your opponent is doing so you’ll be able to react according to the way they play.

-Make sure your block strings are tighter

Yea gotta agree with Seratna about U2, the amount of unsafe fireballs he did on wakeup…i seen like 3 chances to land U1. U2 is great for the fact that you can hit confirm, but the damage scaling due to getting those 3 or 4 hits really reduces it’s strength. In a match-up with a fireball char landing the U1 is great because it’s free damage, you don’t need any EX so you can keep it for a super which you can hit confirm, so you have the best of both worlds.

Also if you punish him for a fireball he’ll think twice about doing it again, giving you more space to move around in and make it easier to push them to the corner to really start beating on them with JK’s, normals and mixups. Fireballs aren’t a big deal for Adon with taunt 9, HK or EX JT, forward dash (for Akuma, Sagat and Ibuki) and MK JK, except for maybe Juri and Gouken because of the height/angle unpredictability, but they’re a big part of Ryu’s gameplan in general and especially that Ryu you were fighting. If you take that tool away from him and make him think twice about his offense then you’re at a big advantage.

One thing i found with Ryu’s is they love using that SRK to beat JK’s, sometimes it trades and sometimes it goes either way (i haven’t worked out they why’s and how’s of that, i’m quite new to Adon) but if you do :db::n: :db: when using MK JK to jump fireballs instead of :db: :d: :db: you can bait out an SRK by standing and crouching near the corner, it’ll probably only work once in a fight (unless you’re fighting a flowchart Ken, then it’ll work pretty much anytime you’re in SRK range :P) but 300 odd damage can be quite helpful :wink:

As i say, this is coming from an Adon noob so feel free to correct me on anything, it’s just what i picked up on from my four or five hundred fights using him.

Let me drop my input. He was a pretty good Ryu by points but I really think he lost this match due to their unfamiliarity with the match up. Round 1 I think was a good indication of that as the Ryu’s button presses were very limited. I really think he was totally unsure of what to do in this match up and limited button presses to not make mistakes. However his loss and moving on. I will also say you jump just a bit much. The first round was kind of okay as most of your jumps were cross ups on a conserved ryu. Its okay if you can see your opponent is mindfucked but it becomes a problem if they become erratic like how he caught his senses in round 2. Most of your jumps then became risky and therefore you ate a lot more damage than you should have.

Things to note
-Make sure know the distance on your jaguar kicks. I dont know if you were option selecting for a backdash on 0:36-0:37 but I think using the rh jk was a better option than using mk jk for that distance. Also 2:05-2:06 you used an ex-rj to get out of the fireball. Definitely was ex-jk time. Slam his ass to the ground and let him think about it.
-I also agree with Negro in implementing ajk (iajk) into your game play. It takes a while to pull off the instant air ones but you can use the air ones till you get the hang of iajk. Just watch your hang time.
-I can understand you only use U2 and many find U1 effective against Ryu in particular however I wont tell you to betray your style. If U2 makes you comfortable then keep using it however make sure you know your set ups to maximize your options specifically if you need to use an ultra to catch up. Also I assume that you picked your ultra as soon as you selected your character. That Ryu would have probably debated as imo U1 would have been a better choice. With U2 you have to catch or bait a rh jt and if you are baited to throw U2 early, you are done.
-Biggest sin with Adon imo is jumping back against shotos. Why you may ask? Check out 1:56 when you sat on that fireball. In those situations you may not want to but your best options are to either block or focus (forward or backward which ever you prefer). Its also part of the reason you do not want to be too airborne. I will admit that I also get guilty on this but its something we all should remember since once jumping back, you are limited on what you can do. No air jks, only his normals which wont quite save depending on circumstances.

Well that is my opinion from watching the vid. Feel free to post up more but dont worry if they worthy. You learn more from every match if you are looking.

Let me also add in here that if you knock a dp happy shoto down, take a few steps back and use rh jk. You will trade but its in your favor and should make the shoto ease up on the wake up dp.

Great input guys!
a couple things:
I was definitely not OSing at 0:36-0:37
2:05 -2:06 was a botched input. Should have been an ex-JK not a RJ; DOH.
The main reason I’m not using u1 is just mainly because I haven’t really thought about it yet. After reading through this I will hit the lab and play with u1 a bit, then pick it against shotos. Since I’m new(er) to adon, I simply pick u2.

Same with IAJK, I know its a big too and can be vital to Adon gameplay, I simply havent had the chance to practice and implement it yet.

I will work a bit on some of the suggestions, including not being so jumpy, not jumping back, and poking a bit more.
Next session I have that I feel I am in the adon zone, I will record 3-4 back to back matches and post them regardless of the outcome for further analysis,.


No problem. We all should help each other to become better Adons. About Jaguar Revolver (Ultra 1) this video is a clear example of why you want to use it in certain matches. Tiger Revolver!


Tiger Revolver lmao, thanks, i’m honored

Yeah generally if a Ryu picks Ultra 2, then they have sick reactions, trolling you or are completely retarded. Landing Ryu’s Ultra 2 is just not viable…it’s just not used