Help/Advice with First Tourney?


Shortly after Smash Bros. Brawl comes out (maybe three weeks after?) my college’s fighting games club (Hunter College in NYC btw) is looking to hold a Brawl tourney. Brawl is definitely gonna cause a ruckus when it gets released and we’re trying to take advantage of that to get our club some exposure. : D

Problem is we don’t really know how to do this proper. We don’t have anyone with experience in this sorta thing. Also, our club’s incredibly young, just getting started this spring semester, but we NEED to have meaningful events like this planned out when we charter our club or else the college is gonna tell us to STFU and keep us from even getting started up.

A few things.

  1. We definitely need a venue to hold the tournament. Any places locally (again, NYC, particularly Manhattan) you guys can recommend?

  2. We’re also gonna need numerous TVs and systems. If alot of people show up (limit I’m thinking of is 32 people, first come first get) how many kiosks should I have running at any one time? Def gonna run things on a BYOC basis, though, I at least know that.

  3. Singles, five-stock, 2 out of 3, loser gets to pick the next stage. Stages with ridiculous hazards, stages that scroll too quickly, too vast, etc gets BANN’D. And if anyone brings in a custom stage that has these characteristics, they get DQ’d.

  4. We’re gonna need to charge an entry fee. We’re a totally new club, so what do you say is a good price? I was thinking $5 for students from the college, and $7 for everyone else.

  5. This might be too ambitious, but I was thinking of the proceeds going to charity. Stupid idea? Save it for another tourney another time later down the line?

  6. Prizes can be sponsored by the budget we get from the school. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeahh… thanks in advance, even if (as I suspect) some of you are gonna tell us to just forget it…


You should PM dark geese he lives in texas but he singlehandedly setsup all SNK tourney’s and is damn good at that so he might be able to help you out or maybe you should checkout n see how they did smash this year.

If you need any help or a new member don’t hesitate to ask i live in longisland.


ur best chance is to go to smash boards and post up u wont find to many smash players in here that community is big in it self im sure on their boards they know the best spots for normal smash tournys