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Hello, I have used Adon since day 1, only use him and no other character. I have recently started uploading my replays (one or two against pros also) in the hope of getting feedback on what I need to do to improve. I don’t use a stick or analogue I’m a d-pad user.So I was hoping if you guys/girls had a bit of spare time and you didn’t mind you would check out a few of my replays and maybe give me some advice on what I should be doing/what I need to stop doing/things I should learn etc. Thankyou in advance.




I have added your channel to my favs but i havent had time to watch, though id assume you are better than me anyway haha. ill take a look as soon as i have time.


Thankyou, thats very kind, feel free to point out anything you feel I need to improve/learn/stop doing


Okay here are my views, but remember my Adon is mediocre at best… ask some of the people on here who have played me haha:

  • you dropped some combos, or at least it seems that way at times
  • ex-jk’s in corner. You are better off waiting a little bit longer and trying to get both hits from the rj. Better yet perhaps try and guage the distance better, as a few times you could have gotten out a mk.rj for that tiny bit more damage.
    -ex-jk in middle of screen, I believe you get more damage from a than a lk.rj. However if you get a double hit always do the lk.rj (saw you do this a few times, i figure you just do the lk.rj as its almost always gonna hit after that.)
  • you seemed to use throw alot as a punish, were you wanting to do this for the un-tech kd?

Havent watched all the vids yet though.

I was impressed with how well you used the nj.hp as an AA.
Plus i liked your pressure at times :smiley:

oh and feel free to add me, perhaps you can see my Adon and teach me some things :wink: I shall be trying to put up some vids this weekend!

  • I drop alot of combos, not sure if its me or the fact I use pad, but its probably me lol
  • I tried a few times to do after ex jag kick but it never hit, so I use lk,rj instead. but maybe my timing is wrong?
  • Yeah I’ve been told I throw alot, not really sure why I do tbh
    thankyou for the input tho and if you notice anything else let me know (:


Yo, um from what I seen you back off at akward times try to keep a good distance between you and your opponent so that you can punish things

-Work on some block strings in the corner and mix it up as much as possible to keep the opponent guessing
-Dont jump so much, I have this same problem tho just use adon’s quick walk speed to get in because you’ll have more options walking than jumping and that’ll keep the enemy guessing


Ah you use pad! nice :smiley: I used to use pad. I find Adon easier on stick :wink:

The only catches with the tip and I think you have to walk forward a tiny bit. I could be wrong though. Out of habit, I use the lk.rj like yourself. Its one I need to work on also as I used to use the alot.


I don’t even know why I back off sometimes,Its just a bad habit I seem to have got lol and I’ve only just noticed about the jumping so much so thankyou for pointing that out.Its something I need to fix

Yeah, I use pad, D-pad too,cant seem to get the hang of analogue. Was checking out this and I can only seem to get it to work sometimes. It must be just me lol


Nice Adon, just 3 things:

  1. Don’t jump so much.
  2. Combine some blockstrings.
  3. Confuse your enemy.

Add me so we can spare some time, I also have to learn some things with adon :).


needs more frame traps bro


Sure add me if you want, I don’t understand what you mean by blockstrings?

Frame traps?


I looked at this thread earlier and after realizing that I lost my account (havent logged here in months due to school, work, etc), decided to make a new one…

Anyways one thing I noticed (I watched a couple of your vids on Tuesday and you versus BS2 (Sagat just a minute ago)) was that you seem very in love with HK-Jaguar Tooth. While that does get you full screen and gets you back up close you may want to take advantage of the fact that mk-jt puts you into mk-jk range, although maybe a bit close for ex-jk. Still its a good way to fake those shoto-uppercuts and some other ultras (I fake out Ryu’s with Metsushoryuken since jt will loose to it). Your style isnt bad and I honestly like the fact that you throw although like someone mentioned throw in a bit more mixups so they dont know whats coming.

I am on psn but as soon as the semester’s done, will throw up some vids with my adon.


Ok,so I need to

  • Jump less
  • Learn some blockstrings/frame traps (whatever they are lol)
  • Mix it up more and use less hk tooth
    Gotcha, Gives me something to work on for the moment. Also, I’ve been trying to learn ground IAJKs but I either end up jumping backwards or just doing jumping hk.Is there some special technique I dont know about or is it just really difficult on a d-pad to do?


Probably this due to timing but I am just saying this because thats the case for me.


I found it insanely hard to perform ajks on pad. You trying to tk them? I hear thats easier than jumping and doing it.
Personally I do basically a full circle as I fail at tk’ing them. So for me facing right its 963214+kick… Bad execution sure, but I find it reliable.

Also a frame trap to my understanding is when you do a move that will trap your opponent. So for instance then close st.hp. Because there is a brief time between the two moves your opponent may try and throw something out and get ‘trapped’ by your hp. Bah its a shit explaination and its probably wrong.
Watch some of gamerbees matches, especially on his youtube channel. He does plenty of frametraps. I believe Zoro Blad? also does alot of frame traps and there is probably a better definition somewhere. :wink:


I can do the air ones easily. Like when you jump and just do d/db/b k its just the ground ones that seem damn near impossible to pull off. [media=youtube]Subq4tAVBKE[/media] that’s what I’m trying to do,the standing iajk but I either jump back or I do jumping hk. I actually think it might not be possible to do on a d-pad lol


yeah he is tk’ing it! I find that hard on stick!!! have you tried jumping and doing the motion immediately?
the problem i find with the tk is timing. Because you have to wait 4 frames before entering the kick after jumping it messes me up. :smiley:


I have come to the conclusion its impossible on a d-pad lol. I gave up trying after an hour of not getting it once.Stupid motion lol


I have a friend who plays Adon on pad, I could swear he does iajk’s ill ask him tonight if hes on. Also ive sent you a friends request Tigermoggy and Darkruiz81