Help afellow sf player!

I’ve got this stupid Uni project that I need some help with.

Thats a survey and its gona take like 2 minutes to answer. I need 300 responds and I seriously dont know where else to go :frowning:

>Has nothing to do with fighting games
Get out.

I don’t normally do stuff like this…

…but seriously, that was one of the most terribly designed and poorly worded surveys I’ve ever had the misfortune of reviewing, if I were your professor (be glad I am not), I would give you an F. It looks like you slapped that together in 20 minutes (at most).

You need to shape up.

Further, if for some reason this is considered acceptable work at your school, you need to change schools, because the education you are receiving is insufficient.


More like 5 minutes. Well the ass professor is asking for too much, he wants that stupid survey, a report on it, another project, and he wants us to hand 50 people questionnaires. I dont really care that much about the stuff up there :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, thanks for the constructive reply! I didnt know that it “>Has nothing to do with fighting games”.

Well, it doesn’t, so get it out of here.
Get your Islam crap out too.

Never ask SRK to help you with your homework…

Yeah tell me about it. got this for a question, “go die you muslim pos”. lol some of the responses are fun ;p

Well Muslims are pretty much all-for the death of non-Muslims, so why can’t you accept the same treatment in turn?
Anyway, why hasn’t this thread been deleted yet?


oh boy…

nah, not really bro. actually in our version of the bible it says you cant kill anyone, they have their own relegion and you have yours. (live and let live) the whole muslim wants you dead is just bullcrap. ;D and if you mean those dudes osama and his gang, these guys are extremests and they brainwashed them selves.

Heres a fact, in the quran it says if you kill yourself, you go to hell :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont really care what backward people say. its kinda like the way you treat that crazy homeless guy that keeps sayin, “aliens got my brain”.

Except thats not what it says at all. It explicitly tells Muslims that you are to kill anyone who isn’t a heterosexual Muslim and to treat women like dogs. Why don’t you read your own book?

Maybe you’ll get more responses here Murdockz.

If you were a good professor you would help him with his survey instead of giving him an F. Even further, you would understand that the best way to learn to do research (like the best way to do anything) is to do it, fuck up, get out of your system and learn why that was the wrong way to do it.

You would make an insanely shitty teacher.

Also your posts sucks.

SakuraSoMoe do us all a favour and stop watching Fox News, failing that shoot yourself

who gives a fuck on what a old ass book says anyway.

on topic:

  1. how are you gonna have 5 choices for a yes/no question. this is a poorly designed survey as entrerix said.

  2. you seriously can’t make some up? and by some I mean 300. seriously.

Well first you should work on your footsie and zoning ga…wait what?

I don’t watch Fox News. I am however informed about reality, something that Islam tries to hide.