help again

Ok i’ve got ok with akuma now, i just can’t parry really good or exicute combos well (lol, im not good) so i was wondering on some advice

yeah, im asking YOU! (:sweat:) so please help.

Thanks x


is that the nobel prize winner teaching at UCSB? I heard that mother fucker sucks at teaching.

btw, going there in the fall

That’s all there is to it.

I know I’m running a risk of being redundant, but this is actually the best advice you can get… and take.

…that and “be meticulous”.
Stuff ppl have said often:
Watch videos.
Play against equal or slightly better comp.
Analyze your losses.

A little bit extra detailed advice based on the above from personal experience:
-Come up with a gameplan to counter each character and/or playstyle and actually put it into practice. When it fails it’s easier to figure out what part is failing and thus improving on it becomes more straight-forward.
-Watch what your opponent does, learn their tendencies.
-Learn about the game so you can come up with your own counter for each situation without having to ask on SRK. (training mode is your friend)

When it comes to a gameplan, be detailed and it helps to write it down (for me anyway). Know what you want to do in each situation, don’t “wing it”. This requires a lot of thinking beforehand, and even so you’ll find yourself regressing to your basic instinct of doing stupid stuff: mashing/pressing buttons, freezing up/block only. For me, getting better is overcoming that urge.