Help against Bison (Dictator)

I find myself having lots of trouble against Bison. Which doesn’t make sense because isn’t Guile vs Bison supposed to be a really easy match? Is there anything you guys are doing that just helps you absolutely shut him down?

Quick and dirty reply:

I have trouble with Bison too, it’s certainly not free unless you know the matchup like the back of your hand. You really do have to play quite lame I noticed, he really can’t get to you on the ground as long as there is a SB on screen so when he tries to go over booms with jumps, headstomp, etc you just need to have a solid anti-air response. I find it quite important to recognize when headstomp is going to miss and just land infront of you because half the time it goes either unpunished or just thrown when you could probably get a nice combo out of it. Watch out for EX scissor kick and just keep throwing booms and it should push him into the air more. I personally feel like i’m ‘doing it wrong’ or being too lame when I play against Bison and find it hard to stick to the lame-style gameplan but it’s really effective if you can do it well. Also, obviously, look out for Ultra 2. In AE it’s not as bad because you can see him charging for it but in console that move is a biatch. If you’re close enough you can sometimes bait it out with random
jabs… in which case jump-back air-throw should work most of the time lol

okay I will try that and something thats really odd, I’ve never been U2 on reaction, and I’ve played 7000-9000BP Bisons. I find that really weird because I thought you could do that quite often, but its never happened

Yeah also watch the spacing on booms, some Bison players like to focus dash through booms on reaction at a certain distance, and if they are close enough they will throw and move you to the corner, or go right into shorts to start scissor pressure, also watch out for st. rh, good for hitting on sbs as you throw them

I play against this one bison player all the time (xSHIN VEGETAx) and i learned that the way bison loses here is to stay in the middle of the stage. Bison wants you in the corner, hes gonna do everything he can to get you in the corner, but you have all the options to stop him. beats bisons j.hp and if you cancel the into sonic boom, he has to block while he lands. beats headstomps clean. if youre ever in the corner and they start with the bison lk pressure, block 2 cycles of this, and then SB>FADC>forward dash. 9 times out of 10, an ex headstomp is coming up next. st.fierce is lovely in this matchup.

You CAN U2 bisons U2 on block. nj.hp is also lovely in this matchup. **Basically you want bison to fuck up, bison is all about rhythm, dont let him get into his rhythm by backing away to the center of the stage where bison has to work hard to get you back into the corner. **

i found that bison is not a really easy match. Once you face a good bison who knows how to get in , then you are in a nightmare of pokes and ambiguous cross-ups. I can tell a real good bison from a scruby one, really good bisons will abuse forward and back dash to bait or to close the gap into some other stuff like bnb or grab. Not only will they build metter in the back doing reverse hands in the air while you are trying to lame it out but they will find ambiguous angles to jump at you with different normals that stuff some of guiles AA.

Funny you say this. Bison can’t win the matchup against Guile unless Guile fucks up big time. Guile needs to throw sonic booms constantly and get ready to anti-air consistently. Don’t be afraid to flash kick if you have a good read that Bison’s trying to pressure you. It’s hard enough for Bison to get in on Guile. Being random frustrates Bison even more (as long as you’re not being stupid). St. fierce and backfist are really good against Bison. Throw these out quite a bit at footsie range. Air throw dominates Bison’s anti-air game. Bison can’t get around sonic boom unless they’re very poorly spaced or telegraphed.

I have seen some Bison players saying that this is Bison’s worst match up and that it is 7/3 in Guile’s favour.
I do think it is a 5/5 match up in SSF4 which is slightly in Guile’s favour.There are some really good Bisons on PSN who knows how to get in and once Bison gets in Guile with have some troubles do get the upper hand.Also IIRC GeoM MoD said the same once about how he feels about this match up.

i think its 6-4 guile only because this is one of the few matchups in the game that if you lame it out, there isnt much bison can really do. Bison is more gimmicky then anything, his character design almost yearns for crouch-teching and its SOOOO abusable. I personally feel that the 2 worst things bison can do to guile is the ambiguous j.fp crossup, and the dash in grabs. Guile can just about counter everything else, or simply block and run away if youre not in the corner.