Help against Blanka

Please bare with me guys…it’s been years (literally) since I’ve been serious at a 2-D fighter (since I’ve been playing mostly 3d). I’m behind everyone else. I do read these threads, but still problems arise.

I viewed’s iori vs blanka vid (awesome stuff, on all of the characters… great job) and see ways to retaliate against a blocked blanka roll, but it’s WAAYY harder than it looks. I manage to take one step foward, but the d+fk still misses entirely. I’ve also tried the rekka ken to counter…it’s difficult, but I can clearly see that it’s doable. Do you guys have any tips on landing the d+fk, or even the maiden masher (as the timing for that seems to be nearly as difficult).

Thanks for the help guys.

And I’ve known it since I started playing KoF '96…Iori kicks serious ass.

There is already a post on this topic, look at the Iori vs Bison/Blanka thread.

I just noticed that. Thanks for not dissing me.

This thread is my bad guys. I apologize :depress: .