Help against Chun

I have just lost in the final in a tourney against Chun. I have no idea of the strategy I have to use.

She just wait, never jumping nor dashing… only moving back and forth, keeping the distance. If I get any close, she waits a bit doing nothing and then, bam, HP. I cant do anything against this cos it has enormous range and its safe if is blocked. Parrying it is not a good solution since she does it randomly and u can eat a mk xx super. A sweep sometimes can beat her, but its very risky if she has a super. In other words, I cant beat her in a poke game.

If I jump in, she fierces me, which I can parry but somehow i pass through her and I cant punish. Or she jumps in and air throw. Anyway, jumping in is the only solution I see to get close to her. But I dont like it, ther has to be more solutions.

If I dash in and throw I can eat a HP also. It seems that Kens dash is not long enough to cover her HP range.

I tried to see how Daigo or good kens play against chuns (ive seen evo 2003 ohnuki/ricky and evo 2004 justin), and the truth is that he has to do enormous work and risk many things (jump in, srk when he lands) to find an opening. He can hit confirm mk into super and parry a super art to get a super in but me, a mere mortal, I need something easier.

Back + mk only hits once and i cant hitconfirm that to do a super in reaction.

Is there any move that can beat her EX bird when she wakes up consistently?

Maybe Ken is not very good against her and I should choose another char like Yun for instance, who can get closer easier.

I need help.


if she has flawless footsies (which I assume she has, since you guys were in the finals), then all I can suggest is Rushing her before she has a bar.

back+mk would be too slow, i’d take that out of my game against chun completely

you could try linked into shippu, if you’re consistant with it.

does he do back+fierce into SA2? if not, low parry within her range and bait her super out. I’m a chun player, and in general I find Ken to be quite an easy pray, because of their inferior ground game.

if you’re fighting a chun who back+fierce into SA2 consistantly then I’d have to suggest switching to yun :wink: sorry haha chun’s ground game is pretty inpenetratable.

Thanks for the input!

I had one (big) disadvantage also, and it was that matches were set to 3 rounds win instead of 2 (yes, that rule sucks badly). From the first round on, she had at least 1 super stocked. So actually, the only round I could win was the first and precisely, I lost 3-1, 3-1.

He never does a super if hes not 100% sure, so parrying a mk to bait a super never works. I tried to stay in a distance just away my low mk. I did mk into super so that if he throws his HP, I could beat it and get a super in. Useless: bam on my face and 25% plus damage.

The match is winnable, I agree, but I think that is clearly in Chuns favour. My opponent was not consistant with mk into super nor back+hp into super, and I lost clearly to very simple yet extremely effective stuff.

Eh I was on that tourney! It was on BCN. I’m sure you will find some tips to beat that bitch! See you in arcadia forums! XD

Chun does have amazing range and amazing priority but her one flaw is that she only has 4 or 5 moves she can really rely on. Back+Fierce, Fierce, D + MK, her throw and her super art. If you try to get mid range to her and do a super jump in attempt to cross her up (with Ken) it should give you an opening to score a knock down then you can stay close with Ken’s mixups. If you jump and she backs up chances are that she will 1.) Do HP and attampt to knock you out of the air where you should parry it and punish her. or 2.) If she has super bar she will attempt to do a D+MK into a super art. If this works and she trys to rush you down just stay low. She doesn’t have anything but a regular UOH which should be easy enough to parry from the crouching position. If she try to throw, tech it. If you can react to what she can do (she is very limited to few moves) the fight become easier. Chun can range but if you manage to get close and break her down she becomes cake.

hmmmmm wtf is “If she try to throw, tech it”