Help Against Guile and any Charge-Dependent Character

Hey, I’m a Ken/Juri player, and I have just recently gotten back into Street Fighter. I can fight the CPU on the Very Hard difficulty, but I feel like I lack against some characters like Guile. I’m maining as Juri right now, and I’m seeking advice on what to do against these character types. Any help would be appreciated immensely, and I thank you beforehand. :slight_smile:

Playing CPU doesn’t matter.

Ask matchup specific questions in the Juri forum.

Alot of charge characters are weak to crossups, and reguardless of the matchup, reseting a charge characters charge by making them charge in the opposite direction is an effective tactic.

With Juri you can pressure with a low fireball and dive kick strait over chargers (possibly) or you can bait a teleport behind them.

With ken you can work your way forward, blockstring into kara-throw

Karathrow behind you and reguardless of position, after theyre down crossup again if you feel your mixup doesnt dictate they’ll predict this.

Autocorrecting can let out a downward charge that will stop your offense, such as Chuns ex spin kicks, guiles exflash, so you’ll want to do the crossup really late and try to ‘fake out’ the system by causing your being on the other side of your opponent during his wakeup frames (thats a small window) so you need to predict well, gL

Since they’ll be blocking down-back most of the time, they’re more susceptible to throws and overhead attacks (ie: Ken’s fwd + HK)

Throw. ALOT.
When you’re on the offensive, most charge characters will need to hold down-back/back and will be sitting still for a couple of secs before they build momentum, and you have to strike early. Luckily ken has some high i-frame moves and funky cross-ups and pokes, so it should be easier to poke holes in peoples defenses. Against Guile, the objective is to gain the life lead and hold onto it. A desperate guile is a guile who is 100% easier to deal with. That being said, we all know a guile with a life lead is a pain in the ass with the turtling. Again you have to use your above average offensive capabilities to deal with him.

if youre laying against the cpu, most of the time they fall right into lvl 3 focus attacks.

playing the cpu is really a waste of time imo

Charge dependent characters can also walk forward people; they can’t do special moves walking forward but they usually do have great normals meaning they can attack nearly as well as qcf fighters. Make your question more specific.

tru tru, also, they can precharge and jump forward while charging/dashing so really the turtleing charge is the easiest to deal with. you can wait them out and punish their mistakes, which turns the tables, lol. the key here is to analyze their habits and exploit them, and not rush head long into some serious punishment, keep your head on and think through it. just don’t lose your self in thought or it’s game over, lol.
:l: (hold for 2 seconds):r:+:hp:

This. I walk forward for free fierces, roundhouses, and throws.

Also like other’s said playing mixup heavy offense is great against charge characters. Ken’s overhead kicks are especially annoying, because at one point it looks like it’s the one that hits mid, then I get hit. As for Juri, I only run into trouble when she picks Ultra 1. She is a much better character in FSE mode. Alot of the times when I play Juri, I feel like picking U2 is a waste.