Help Against mashers

Hello,I constantly switch between mains (Dic,Rog,Ryu,Akuma,Dudley) But i now know how hard the abel players have to work to win fights.I just need help taking down mashers

block and punish with a cod combo. people usually mash off of step kicks, so use your first step kick to decide how your opponent will react and then adjust your game play to counter what they do.

Are they mashing jab? DP? Throw? what, cuz to me, u deal with each differently.

if they are genuinely just mashing dp and other random crap, down back, turtle up, and punish all their inevitable cock ups with throws.

this shit ain’t all glamour and combos, kiddo

well since abel has a bad hitbox and get trapped in the corner by shotos with there repeated jab, or bison mk HK then scissor kick

does abel have any anti air

Sounds like you just have a hard time playing defense. You get trapped by jab spam because chars like ryu jab 1 frame faster than you, so don’t try to jab your way out of that just look for windows to escape. Ex roll is abel’s only real reversal but it can be thrown so choose it carefully, otherwise punish jab spam with ex-tt. (you might want to learn the basic option select that everyone should know as well) crouch + throw gives you a, but! if someone try’s to walk up and throw you, crouch + throw will also tech trows. This is good against ryu because they will try to jab you (which doesn’t do damage if you block) or walk up and throw you. when I am facing that sort of pressure I continue to block until I see my opponent stand up, I then read this as a sign that they might go for throw so I hit cr.throw which will either tech the throw or hit them with a short and now I am free to start a poke string.

Abel has a ton of anti air options but they take practice. From a mid range jump in that you know will land in front of you, is your best bet. This move is cancelable as well so you can roll into their face.

if you are getting crossed up by someone who hasn’t safe jumped close st.fp (looks like 2 punches) will stuff some jump in’s. This is good against characters like rufus who like to double dive kick in your face, but it so requires guesswork or really quick reactions. so practice with it.

Also against mid range jump in’s you can anti air with cr.fp, the tip of your elbow can launch people into a dash falling sky or ultra 1.

ex falling sky got more invincibility frames so its a good option now. If you are going to try a normal falling sky use the medium punch version.

super beats jump ins. Light punch = hit invincible, medium punch = throw invincible, fierce punch = projectile invincible. So hit the light punch version to go through attacks. unless you are trying to catch viper’s flame kick (which is a projectile) but i dont know why you would want to try that…

ultra 2 beats jumps if you time it right.

Thanks So MUCH! Its True im not very good at defense or option selects…i dont even know what that means

Well abel doesn’t really have good option selects that I am aware of. but the one I spoke of is important with any character, so I hope you understood it.

I too have a problem with spammers online.
Namely blankas who spam blanka ball shenanigans (as I like to call it), and usually lightning, but the lightning is easily wheel-kickable, I just have a problem with A: punishing blocked blanka balls and B: applying pressure without risking a CH lighting. :
Any tips to punishing blanka as abel? wheel kick and COD gets blocked, and hk rolling gets me lightning’d.

Might try the matchup thread and lookup Blanka on the front page, aint sure if thers much on him there.

But Abel might have the best punish for Blanka Ball in SF4. If blocked high you can either A. Do a Forward Dash and then Step Kick into s.FP CoD or B. Do a Fierce CoD, but the timing is a bit tricky
and u can easily punish blanka ball on hit or block with Ultra 1 or Ultra 2. CH BB is not punishable by U1 tho.

I tried the strats posted in the matchup thread, and I find it a little tricky timing the dash after a horizontal ball, maybe that’s just online, or just my using an xbox dpad, not sure. I’ll give it some practice in training.
The fierce CoD always ends up going into a block/lightning or ball.
I assume U2 would be better to punish the shenanigans, if it can punish on hit.
Time to hit training mode for several hours.

Get off the Dpad and switch to the analog stick. and the timing is strict on both punishes, and U1 is actually easier to punish since u dont have to delay it, plus it does more dmg and comboable.

I’ve been working my way to the analog stick, but I intend to pick up a TE stick while it’s on sale, so I’m not dedicating myself to switching to it just yet.
By not having to delay it, do you mean throwing it out while blanka is still rolling?
Never tried that, if it works then that sounds much better than U2 punishing on block.

Hope this helps.

Helped quite a bit, I can get the off the blocked ball, I now just have issues comboing after it. :wasted:

Round 2 TE’s are 100 bucks at or right now.

The dash is a little bit funky. You have to dash to, then f+mk, then dash again. That’s a lot of dashing.

That’s what I intend to get, but hopefully my paycheck gets deposited in time to have the money to buy it.

just do forward, forward + mk, forward, same principle as double dashing which needs 3 forward inputs not 4, makes the whole thing easier.

Cool shit. Will try that. Thanks.