Help against Santhrax

So im in need of advice. I always feel a huge disadvantage against solid Santhrax players. Have any tips on facing Santhrax? Tips against both those that start Storm and those that start Sent.

I can use a variety of teams but mainly Storm/sent/something.
I’m comfortable using:

I have a difficult time getting in on Sent/Capcom & Storm/Capcom with mags so MSS & MSP are out of the question for me.

Thanks in advance for the tips.

Sorry Laurence, you can’t beat my Santhrax =)

Thrax has a relatively hard time against a team with Cable and CC. I generally play scrub for this match.

If youre magneto, snapback and rape commando… If youre cable AHVB commado, If youre using Storm/Sent/anyone try to run away and countercall…

if you can only win when you counter pick, you really don’t know the matchup that well.

say you lose the first game in a tournament, the 2nd game you win with msp. Its 1-1 right now and there’s only 1 more game left. You can’t switch teams because you just won and now the opponent picks thrax. You can’t pick cable now, so what do you do?

This is just one scenario that can happen in a tournament and any experienced player will tell you that.

and even if you pick scrubs vs thrax, player skill is such a huge factor to take into account.

yipes vs sanford is online somewhere. Yipes does an amazing job of cornering sentinels and landing a hit.

good luck if you’re playin lagthraxes online, lol. you tend to be at at least a bit of a disadvantage imo. unless you’re playing unbloCable/clockw0rk maybe?

and yeah, please try not to counter pick…pick a good team you like/are comfortable with and go through the character threads/get advice for fightin’ thrax

Where did I say that I only win when I counter pick? I generally play scrub all the time, and that matchup doesn’t make me want to change even if I lose. Obviously player skill is a huge factor. No matter the matchup, player skill is the biggest factor. It’s not a failsafe matchup. I just think it’s favorable.

i see.

lets not derail the thread though. This is an important matchup since its a very common team @ high level play.

Of all all the top tier AA’s that are used in high level play, mando comes out the slowest. Once his feet touch the ground after you call him, it takes him 10 frames for him to have an active hit box. For @ least 1-4 of those frames mando is invincible, however it is possible to kick him in the toes from frame 5ish to frame 9. Any hit box that its the area of mando’s sprite box from frame 5ish to frame 9 will hit him before he can animate his AA. Its the reason why doom ron are considered “counters” to mando because they float out there and stuff him very often.

ways a character can dodge mando AA:

njupfwd as he’s coming out. Every character can do this.

jupfwd as he’s coming out onto the screen, air dash dwnfwd\fwd\upfwd if your character has it. IE mag\storm\IM etc… Each has a major purpose.

teleports work as well.

flight mode, wait till mando is coming out onto the screen, hld fwd. This is how sentinel can deal with it along with other characters with flight mode.

With spiral I like to bait capcom out and then teleport above just in time to be missed… can come down comboing/block/call aisst… or teleport again… capcom also gets in trouble to trap w/knives+drones, sometimes taking 50% dmg before he can get out after a whiffed assist call… just don’t try to teleport in on their point before baiting out capcom…

any tips on a sent/capcom mirror? It seems as though whoever gains air control first is gonna have the upper hand. If I lose out and end up grounded, while their sent is still flying above stomp pressuring me down. And when I finally get the opportunity to SJ out they simply fly back/up and lk to whatever me if I attack.

If you’re playing sent/cap mirror you need to make sure of a few things to swing the match your way. You gotta hit fastflys outta pretty much every short u throw out in the air, if you sj. short, you should be able to hit confirm and fastfly combo. If you can’t you won’t win against someone who can. Also you can’t spam commando. If you’re both flying around full screen away there is almost no reason to call commando unless you’re counter calling his, which will hit full screen. Last advice is pretty universal, stay patient. It doesnt matter if you’re grounded as long as you keep your sent healthy by blocking everything. You may have to block what seems like a million stomps, but if you’re semi-healthy those stomp won’t kill you. However if you get impatient and get hit with a short, he will fastfly and those WILL kill you. Also when push blocking as with everyone make sure you are push blocking the point character’s attack not the assist…or he will not be pushed back. Good luck.

you better aske for tips when guys start their CAPT COMMANDO! :bgrin:

“welcome to my world, u just a squirrel trying to take my nut and i’m gonna put this lightening bolt right up you ying yang”

get at Perfect Liciouz and you won’t even have to worrying about facing storms or sents on santhrax teams :china:

I like Team Row against Thrax. Kill Storm ASAP. Hopefully your Cable will have a few meters to burn.