Help against storm runaway?

Im guessing the only place to get the info is straight from the source of storm players.

Well, I always have alot of trouble playing against a run away storm, and it really pisses the hell out of me cause I cant do much to her unless if I cross her up or something. But anyways, what do I do against a storm that is always running away, throwing out typhoons and doing her hailstorm super?

I play a team of mainly Magneto and Cable. But I can never really decide on a 3rd teamate that I am good with except for maybe Sentinel.

I have heard that sentinel can fight against a flying storm pretty well.

So can anyone of you all give me a hand?

Any help at all would be appriciated and so.

Thanks in advance.

Can any of you storm experts help me?

Ok, first off, if you’re going to play Rowtron Mag, cable, sent you better be good with cable, because cable and sent - Y can trap a storm pretty good by doing cables HP HP HP HP, sent drones, gernade, etc. etc. But some storm players would manage to get out, this is where you would want to simatar the hell out of her. If it is storm against sent, and you want it to be that, play either team Santhrax (Storm, sent, captian commando) or Scrub (cable, sental, captain commando) because Sent/commando teams can be pretty hard to beat.
Back to sent vs storm. I usually try to use the HP, fly, unfly, repeat. It can be good to get a game plan to back that up with, but if you’re stuck with JUST sent, use that. if she does take to the air, give that bitch the HP in the air… knock her back down. Another good way to keep her at bay. But consider commando to be on your playable members. L8

I agree with the last post.

runaway storms can be a hassle. definitely when you have mag or cable.

With mag i just try to dash back and forth like crazy while storm is floating down. try crossing her up. DO NOT GO AFTER HER WHILE SHE’S FLOATING DOWN! You could end up eating a qk, qk, lighting attack into super. Instead if you know she’s gonna go for a typhoon or whatever that move is called, super jump then air dash up and combo her. then she’ll quit doing those damn typhoons. also when on the ground do tiger knee EM disruptors to keep her from hailstorming you to death.

With cable you gotta keep her on the ground. tiger knee his light viper beam when u see she has super levels and you think she’s gonna go for hailstorms. if the tiger knee viper beam hits then go straight into the ahvb. if she hits the air, try to get to the opposite side of the screen as far away as possible and throw out scimitars to keep her from typhooning all day.

With sent do exactly what the last posts says to do.


Assuming storm doesn’t have a big lead in the first place, you should generally just stay on the ground and NOT give chase. When she floats down to you, call assist, dash back, and beam xx fly xx unfly and repeat. That way, she’ll have difficulty punishing your assist and you could possibly have crossed her up with your assist. It’s usually not a good idea to chase after Storm unless A. You’re losing badly and time is running out, or B. You have a good enough Sentinel/idea of spacing to avoid and punish what she does in the air, or C. You have CapCom backing you. Chip is your best friend.

With Cable, it’s a LOT harder, but there are some basic things you should do:

  1. SJ, lk grenade above your head so she can’t come down on you.

  2. Look for sj. jab, fierce xx AHVBs. His jab has retarded priority.

  3. Look for full screen sj. gunshots to connect when they press fierce at the wrong time and AHVB on reaction.

Edit: O-town Mike, no one plays Row with sent-G, and that trap is easily escapable.