Help Against Urien

I’m having trouble fighting Urien … some guy i play with in the arcade always does a move where this big wall comes out … i think its ageis reflector or something … then he does another move where he flys to the other side of the screen. …so now i am in the center the wall behind mi and urien in front then this person pushes mi towards the wall and i can’t block … why is tat ?? and any other tips against urien users ?

Semi unblockable but you can parry that so called

when your knocked out and he goes next to you and he cast the aegis reflector and jump to the other side parry one of the hits off aegis reflector then grab urien. then it will take you away from the super.

To prevent this: when he knocks you out, tap down(before you hit the ground) that will automatically roll you back(teckroll).

hope this helps you a little. :smiley:

Well the super hes using is called Ageis Reflector, and the reason you cant block is because it’s unblockable. Why it works is because your getting hit from both sides at the same time, and the sprites overlap. I don’t fight many Uriens, so I cant really help you on the strategy side, sorry.

k… tanx alot for the help guyz …

but besides this … are there any tips u can gimme ~~ like play aggressive or something ?

i usually jus try to overlap mk him and mp ,hp, QCF hp ,QCFQCF hk iff i manage to get him to fall… if i get too close i dun realli know wat to do … i usually jus try to slam him and stay back …

he has some painful combos i can’t quite remember … usually elbows mi into the air …then continues with alot of head butts or a move tat charges at mi … so i dunch realli get close to him too often…

pls help ~~~

u can just QCF hp, QCF hk
as a matter of fact,any p any k will do

ken generally loves jumping, so urien loves doing antiair fireball against ken.

u can see it coming, so parry. or else he’ll tackle > ex tackle > tackle u like there’s no tomoro.

ya and tap down when u land so u quickroll away. u can also parry once and block the otherside sometimes if u quickroll didn’t come out right.

his down+hp is his launcher, it’s a 2 hitter so parry it and he’ll be vulnerable.

when you’re against the wall and he uses the spanking room with the reflector, just guess blocking high or low. there’s not much more u can do than guessing.

If you just BLOCK IT, he’s vulnerable.

well i mean, that’s his anti-air
most ppl parry 1-time when they jumpin

so just a reminder, it’s a 2-hitter

You can play aggressive w/ ken but always be carefull, i have fought many urien players even i play him to… tips…? just dont be jumpy with ken when fighting urien play faking or something… parry the QCF+MP when you jump, make your own moves like UOH then super (s.a.III) B+MK then super(s.a.III) this one is a link, grab when he parries a lot just do your own moves read his moves or something, fighting urien players are pretty hard, because one juggle can be the end of the round, like the TOKITO’s urien.

i play ken because i love to do the links. its cool :lol: