Help against Zangief and Alex..?

So I’ve been practicing with Vega since release and these 2 match ups I don’t know what to do against them. It seems that no matter what tactic I try I just end up face down in the dirt and its frustrating. Any real advice?

You can’t escape. April fools.

Your wakeups are bad. Don’t get knocked down. Embrace your Vreverse to get out of things. Make sure what you’re doing is actually safe.

Thanks ill give that a try!

Why do they seem to have priority over everything I do?

Because clawed vegas hurtboxes suck for poking wars. Try clawless, its got better buttons.

Thanks that helped a lot. Now I just have to get people to stop rage quitting…

There is a match up thread dont make new threads

Lol rude… This was the best way to get answers I thought.