Help aiming divekicks

We all know that yun’s dive kick’s are superior to yang’s seeing as to the fact that he could do it from a lower height. How do you go about aiming yang’s dive kick’s though? Should i just stop dive kicking all together?

Training mode. Figure out what height is the minimum for dive kicks (use the square on the back wall of training room).

Now slowly back away and keep going for the feet; figure out which button you have to press.

It’s just a matter of getting used to distances, but you would have been better off posting in the Q&A thread.

thanks ill try this out later

Yun’s divekicks aren’t superior, he can do it faster/lower than Yang, that’s the only difference.
You have to aim them at their feet or your at frame disadvantage which leads to hughe punishes.
With Yang however, you can hit them anywhere you want, because his divekicks have more hitstun so you’re pretty much safe if they block your dives if I’m not mistaken.

you’re correct. at most, yang is at an disadvantage of -2 while yun can be srk punished if he isn’t very careful.

that -2 can lead to a throw and @Firecotton how often do you get punished for mis aimed divekicks with yun? Because unless you’re playing a char with a three frame reversal it’s not the easiest thing.

Not often, people tend to mash a lot (SRK or grabs) if they block a divekick so you often get dp’d or thrown if you don’t aim them right.
But I usually don’t get hit by srks after a divekicks because I’m trying to late tech and get my opponents scared so I can dive in more often.
With Yang I don’t have that problem actually, I never get thrown or dp’d after a divekicks because of Yangs hitstun.

Throws are 3f moves, you can still tech at -2. The only throw you’re gonna eat is a potential command throw. If you eat a command throw, you’re probably shouldn’t be using dive kicks so much in that match-up. How often do you get punished for bad dive kicks as Yun? All the time, if you’re playing someone who knows their shit. Mashing throw after a blocked divekick is a universal punish on Yun.