help..arcade stick problem

hey there,
im having a problem with an arcade stick … its a psx pad … and well the problem is if i play any other game besides 3s … some of the buttons dont work … like 3s works fine … but if i play cvs2 all the kicks wont work … and if i use marvel with a dc converter some of the buttons work work either… its really strange … if anyone has some feed back let me know … cause i wanna get this done before fri …


Betcha one or some of your buttons on the pad, buttons you dont use in the stick, are showing as pressed down all of the time. Go into the button config for your PS2 CvS2, and remove the ‘kickx3’ and ‘punchx3’ buttons, whatever they are, probably L1 and L2. Make the buttons on your stick the only buttons assigned, and it should work if Im right.

dude thank you soo much …i didnt think to change them you are a life saver .