Help Avoiding Breaking a Woman's Heart

I have found myself in quite a predicament that I never intended to get myself into…

I was speaking to an acquaintance of mine at a house party, and we were talking about traveling (something we both enjoy doing). She is an international student here in Florida and she wants to visit Disney World before returning to Japan. I haven’t been to Disney World either, so I agreed to go there with her next month.

About a week after we made those plans, she suggested that we get together to go over the trip. She also heard about my world famous macaroni & cheese (all of my friends brag about how good it is) and she asked if I could make it for her to try. I agreed and we had dinner together at my apartment.

After that, we hung out frequently, with me showing her around our city since she is very introverted and doesn’t get out much.

One weekend, we went out on a Friday night, and it was raining terribly hard and it was late, so I offered her to stay at my apartment and sleep in my bed while I sleep on the couch, which she agreed to. We went out the next day (Saturday), and after drinking and watching TV shows, it was late again. She hates driving at night (she has bad eyesight) so I said she could stay at my apartment again if she liked. She wanted to, but she suggested that we “share” the bed, because she felt bad about me sleeping on the couch. I protested repeatedly, claiming that the couch wasn’t a big deal, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

So I get into the bed, almost at the edge of my side so I wasn’t too close to her, but as soon as I laid down she came to my side to cuddle. I wasn’t expecting this at all, and I eventually cuddled her too. When we woke up the next morning, still cuddling, she kissed me… and we ended up having sex together.

Since then we continued to hang out and do new things in the city, and she would stay over my place and we would sleep together again.

But the problem is, she is significantly older than me (she is divorced and has 3 sons, who look close to my age from the pictures she shown me). I’m 25 years old, and I have no idea how old she is (she is very secretive about her age), but she still is a very attractive and “young for her age” looking woman.

She graduates in early 2017, and will return to Japan. She told me that while she always enjoys spending time with me, she is afraid that she will need me as a partner to remain happy in her life because she has grown so attracted to me and enjoying our time together.

I care about her a lot, but never expected us to get this close. I am not interested in marriage, however I am not a playboy either. Before her I haven’t had any girlfriends for years. I know that we have to leave each other eventually, but I don’t know what to do between now and then to avoid breaking her heart.

Sorry that this is so long. Any opinions or advice will be appreciated.

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