HELP: Axisdapter to "HOME" button?

HELLO, idk what the policy on posting stuff is on SRK since i am new, but i couldn’t seem to find the answer to my question on any other posts that i found. i recently came across this video on youtube were this guy hooked up the home button the axisdapter and linked up the leds from the controllers he used to indicate what controller number is being used like the sixasix. i have tried to contact this guy with no responce as of yet. i also contacted toodles to see if they would know how to do it, but he didn’t know what i was talking about. so if anyone could possibly help me out here i would greatly appreciate it.

I don’t know what you are saying either.
Maybe talking about the-red-comet who did.

sorry i thought i had posted the video >_<

basiclly i want to hook up the home button from a SE fightstick to the axisdapter.

yes that is the guy, i was trying to contact him through youtube. i didn’t know he was a member, i am going to look over the thread. thank you

That is what I linked to.

yes that was it, thanks a bunch. that has been driving me crazy for a while now >_<

Better spot to solder for Home is here.

So would not have to remove the Turbo Panel Cover.
Just flip over and solder.

Doing the other way makes for hard to close the Cover.

that does seem like a better point to solder, but is there a better place to connect for ground to the axisdapter?

also, could you possibly link me to a post of how to dual mod a fightstick with a X-box controller?

Here, you go.

For any further questions check out this thread first.

thank you for the info, i will definitely start using those resources, but for the moment i am still stuck on this topic since i can’t seem to find the answer anywhere. do you know where i would need to solder on for ground from the madcatz PS3 SE pcb board?


the problem is that i soldered the home signal to the pcb (MC cthulu for refference) and tried soldring cables to the GND, USB, and even the button lock ground. i get some signal when i am holding the wire, but when i solder it to a point it no longer shows the buttons responding.

Also, SIXAXIS is not Common Ground.
So you will have to cut the Traces on Mad Catz PCB.

here are the 3 points i have tried so far, i get a reading when i hold the ground from the cthulu to them but when i try to solder and press the button i get no signal?

what do you mean by the threads on the pcb board?

what do you mean by traces?

I thought you are doing SIXAXIS with AXISdapter.
Now you talking Cthulhu.

hahaha i am talking about the axisdapter, but i am using the cthulhu as a reference to see if the wire makes connection before i set everything up with the AXISdapter. sorry for the confusion >_<

If you want to use the Home, there are three wires to solder.
One for Home Signal, one for VCC, one for Ground.
Those three will then go to Cthulhu.

Stop switching around.
Steps are different when using different PCB.

SIXAXIS is not Common Ground.
Cthulhu is Common Ground.
Makes things different.