Help beating Sagat With any of THESE characters

Ya I started to realize that the biggest problem I have is Vs Sagat, I don’t think my team lacks the weapons to beat him, I just think I’m not really sure what to do.

SO can someone help on some tips to get in on him with: Cammy, Sakura, Blanka… all in P-groove.Any strats help

hold joystick forward all the time.

if he jumps, press roundhouse. It anti-airs perfectly!
If he rolls, press roundhouse. You throw him!
If he stays on the ground, press roundhouse. You kick him, either beating his poke or making him block!

Remember, if you press roundhouse, you win

The best way to beat him is to learn to play as him first.

Pick up sagat… It helps a lot.

Hope thats logical enough for you.


all i do i charge while i roll passed his move so then i get near just push toward and punch or just roll the hit him

You don’t “get in on” sagat. With all of those chars in P groove stay on the ground. PLay footsies and try to parry his pokes and punish accordingly.

If you are going to play P learn to parry well. I know this guy who is pretty good at it and it really throws me off my game.Parries give you massive time to counter-attack. If you can parry everything then he has nothing. Roundhouses also seem like a pretty safe bet.

Yo Magus, I think I met you at SVGL tourney, but I don’t remember. You were with Jon B. (noodleculture) who calls me “Team Makoto”. :smiley:

Anyways, all I hear is footies this, footies that and other bs that works great in theory fighter. The Sagats you’re talking about are probably Choi and Ricky cuz they’re evil as hell. :lol:

You might wanna try gimmicky shit with Cammy (that’s the only character we have in common so I don’t know about Sak/Blanka). Stuff like counter-hit setups, GOOD use of the barrel roll, and basically shit no one’s ever seen before which includes using Cammy’s “other moves” like S.MP and S.MK. Low-jump J.HK stuffs any and all jump attempts. The thing I’d look out for is that her S.RH gets stuffed by Sagat’s C.HP. The only other move I know that’ll counter-hit when stuck out early is Cammy’s far S.HP. Hell, even try parrying Sagat’s dp. I dunno, I hate this match too.

I don’t care what anyone says about using gimmicks, as there are few people that can out-footsie Choi and Ricky anyways.

You’ll probably see me hanging around SVGL on Tuesdays and Saturdays so just hit me up or something. I won’t be too hard to spot because the only people there that play P-Groove are probably you, me, Jamal, and Jon B.

Yes learn to parry well but not so you can parry everything thought parrying everything is bad very bad becuase

1.more chances of messing up and eating something
2.forces the opponent to use more mixup on you and thats bad for you

Parry only things that you have to if someone jumps in dont parry so you can land a ground combo use your anti air its much safer.

P-groove is all about floor control

Sagat vs Cammy

Just zone the shit out of that bitch with Feirces and Roundhouses and never jump(well I do it sometimes becuase I parry sagats dp to add alittle mind game in there:) )

P-groove, high up is really not about “floor control”,if your opponent want to play footsies with you, you have no advantage on the ground,they have RC pokes,Rolls,run…ect.P-groove has parry.You can’t just randomely parry in a footsies game,it doesnt have to be able to randomly jump in and parry all the antiair shit for free combos.Really it comes down to frustration, make them jump, thats about all I’ve done.Sagat anti air is too hard to parry every time,it has different speeds at levels in the air,small jumps can work,but at footsie distance youll eat tiger as well.Eighty six is rite,random ass shit gets you the win, if you really know the character and use all there stuff together, it becomes impossible to plan against

Eightysix-what tourney was it???Do you ever go down to SVGL?it be coo to formally meet you

Well if you’re playing Sagat RC’s really shouldn’t be much of a factor. Sak idk if you’re playing Ricky and Choi I can see why you’re losing. It’s pretty much impossible to out footsie these guys, so you might as well just keep parrying shit till you find out what works, although from P Groove matches I see, they typically stay on the ground. With P Cammy try to corner Sagat and stay just outside of s.fp range. When he starts to turtle up low jump rh, unless they start to DP the lowjump on reaction. High level Sagat’s pretty much don’t lose, so there’s not a set strat to rely on.


I can’t believe your asking this question!!!

But here goes, most of this shit you might know

most sagats are r2, so it’ll be match up against your anchor r2 cammy ( right?)

this is based on playing so many freaking sagats in my time with p cammy.
i wont comment on p sak or blanka on sagat because all you need is cammy, ahha

do not jump in on sagat when he has level 2 super or higher

do jump in on sagat if it’s a cross up, quit the first time your opponent does a cross up dp, because the cross up is now dead, unless you bait it and parry at least 3 hit backwards

cammy has 3 dominant pokes 1 low forward, it reaches sagat from a far when your playing footsies, is good for punishing and pressure, my favorite is whoreing the s.hp becasue it’s beats most of the garbage out there. and is bufferable after s.hp stat’s why i jump in or get in range to whore the s.hp, if i see it connect, it’s almost always immediately and that’s a free super!!! of course i whore the fierce after o.s.

any roll grooves , you notice when you own the grown, they will try to iether roll of jump out of desperation that’s when you dp or just dip out of roll

k sagat is the most dangerous imo becasue that mf get a super again after you super him

when you see sagat sessin the or any thing for the distance trying to break the cannon drill, S.HP!!! it’ll trade most of the time but he gets hurts bad, not you, s.hp even beats sagat l.hp

cammy has priority thru 90% of the s.hp

here’s another tip, you only wanna use the at max range, is better if your closer for a poker, or better yet, the S.HP!

S.hp! is the shit

good luck

I know i left out so much cammy shit but i dont remember now, but remember it’s only a even fight on paper