HELP! Boxer vs Claw

I main rog and my sparring buddy mains claw and we both manage to get even with eachother. But recently he picked up the vortex and I’m getting raped with 10 izuna drops in a row. I seriously dont know what to do.
Dash=>I get grabbed
Headbutt=>hits only sometimes but leaves me really open, other times i get hit with the claw
EX Headbutt=> surprisingly same as above
TAP=>I get grabbed, but sometimes I get lucky and I manage to hit him

Because he crosses me up, I dont have time to charge for dash punches or ultra. I need a consistent way of stopping the vega vortex because as soon as I get knocked down its pretty much gg. SOMEONE HELP ME :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

Delayed LP Headbutt punishes any izuna drop attempt clean. It’s the best option by far. EX works too, with less strict timing, and even if you both whiff, Vega’s recovery is just as bad as Balrog’s if bot worse. Work on timing that LP Headbutt and you’ll be fine.

I’ve had moderate success with down fierce if hes not crossing you up or going for the throw. Will have to try the delayed lp HB now though…thanks.

It really works. Jump back MP is quite good for taking him out of the sky too if we’re not talking about a knockdown situation, same with nj.HK (faces upwards, godly for beating higher jumps than Rog like Chun, Vega, Bison).

In addition, doesn’t answer your question but may help, Vega hasn’t exactly got all that hot a wakeup either much like Balrog doesn’t - Technically, of the two, you should be scoring more knockdowns than he should on a sweep basis and if you do, don’t be afraid to jump in and mixup/abuse his wakeup. Without meter he can’t do (The EX Flipkick thing, Scarlet Terror?) which is one of the few options (which doesn’t even have high success rate against Rogs Jumpins) and jumpins ensure that any attempt for him to walldive is met clean with a Jumping Fierce (Either one is fine though typically I use JFP for the extra range - Also knocks him out of EX Versions if done right) and that should stop some of the walldive/izuna pressure you’re on about if you give him no room to breath.

Vega doesn’t have a lot against Balrog but he’s that type of character where if you give him enough space and time, he can wither you down - It’s all about rushing that low-HP pansy down and ensuring every mistake results in pain and he has little room to breath. Keep a TAP ready for situations but don’t ‘rely’ on it as it’s not a fail-safe against some of his stuff and as above have said, LP Headbutt is your friend against repeated drop attempts.

If they’re abusing crossup drops, focus backdash but bare in mind if he doesn’t cross you up it’s a free crumple. TAP will also work and either throw you to safety or smash his teeth in but again, don’t rely on it - Just read the pattern (if any) and be prepared. You can prevent him reaching the wall at certain distances with a BackJump or Neutral Jump which you can use to knock him out of the sky or punish when you both land so pay attention if they love doing that forward jump move when far enough away from you.

Im not matchup guru or a pro Balrog, just stating what seems to work for me vs the few Vega’s I encounter.

A few points I can give:

cr.jab x3 os’ed with sweep makes my wake up very tough.

Don’t start throwing out EX Dash Punches willy-nilly because is 2 hits and eats them alive

Once I ahve ultra 2, don’t jump in from far enough kills wake up headbutts and recovers very fast.

I had problems with Vega in matches today so I went into training and found that cr. HP does work very well against Izuna’s (EX even), but requires good timing. Before that, I’d focus when Vega would Izuna, and I’d hit him about %70, but this is probably dangerous (I didn’t know the matchup).

He does have problems stopping rush-down characters, so when I get Vega stuck defending, I can usually work my way to corner/stun him and win the match. It’s when he had space that he’s dangerous to 'Rog.

Thanks for the tips guys. The delayed lp. Hb helped me quite a bit but still not consistent, I think i just need to work on timing. Sigh wall dive spam is a bitch, especially when his izuna drops are so fking accurate T_T

Once your HB is on point, he can be as accurate as he likes, he’s dead.

Here’s a discussion we had about avoiding/punishing the Izuna drop

starts @ post 581

I play Vega sometimes, and what ropedrink says is pretty accurate, vega’s got no answers for pressure, both in general and on wakeup. But good vega players (IMO OMFG it Jr, and Knuckles) can izuna drop you loop the whole match and control the match so you don’t get that knockdown/opportunity to pressure. All of balrogs answers are timing based and sometimes win, but can be thrown if you mistime.

Vega’s bad in SF4 (look up ST Vega), but be aware. Just my two cents, I’ve got a special place in my heart for Vega lol.