Help bring SF4 to MLG stage

Hey guys,

this is great news for those who been waiting for this. So let you voices be heard and get on this thing:

Want SF4 on the MLG Pro Circuit? Sign the petition at:

Here’s a message from Sundance about it also


Signed that shit, get it done.

lol good luck with that.

a lot of srk still hates mlg from the year mlg partnered with evo.

i got nothing against it myself though as mlg players get paid really nice and more player base is always better.

er, shouldn’t SSF4 be the game? since that’ll be out in a month or so

It is going to be SSF4, that’s what they meant. Cmon people! It only takes about ten seconds to sign it.


Yes SSF4 would be added, but currently it does not exist for it be put on the circuit. But the transition between SF titles would be a much smoother experience then lets say… Melee to Brawl. It’s not like SSF4 will be drastically different. The point is, if SF4 gets on the circuit then SSF4 will be on the circuit.

signed… hope it matters

That petition doesn’t really look legit though…
but I signed it anyways.

Doesn’t look legit, but I think Sundance is just trying to get a set in stone number of people that support this.

Doesn’t look legit, but I think Sundance is just trying to get a set in stone number of people that support this.

I’m a little confused. We already have EVO, SBO, and FR why need it at MLG? Oh well, the more tournaments the better. Signed, hope it makes a dent.

Signed. MLG needs more games that actually take skill to play, as Halo and Brawl are baby’s first FPS and baby’s first fighting game respectively. World of Warcraft being their only PC game is also pretty depressing.

MLG is a piece of crap organization catered towards 13-18 year old losers who think speaking L337 and saying “pwn” is still cool.
I’m not signing that petition.

Yeah, who wants more TV-exposure. We keepin’ it real :coffee:

Edit: Oh and signed

With the way America handles televised gaming tournaments, I’d rather pass on it. All it does is solidify everyones belief that competitive video gamers are dorks, regardless of whether they start rocking the faux hawk once they get big.

May I ask what exactly happened there?

nothings dorkier than a fauxhawk

Watch them ban the shotos because they “don’t take enough skill”.

I think this is before my time here, but iirc, they mishandled a lot of the setup/teardown and shooed people away.

Yeah MLG kind of sucks in a way because they really only add the more popular games that have some competitive value rather than the most competitive games. They had shadowrun on there for a while and that had some sick competition and a nice skill gap, but everything else (besides MAYBE halo 1) has been pretty bad choices.