Help bring SF4 to MLG stage


So would SF4 being in MLG basically no go other tournaments? I have absolutely no idea how MLG works.


MLG is just a separate league and organization totally. Other tournaments would not be effected at all. MLG has Pro-circuit live tournament events every few months or so. The main game is Halo but Gears of War and WoW have also been played. This petition is to add Street Fighter IV to the 2010 pro-circuit so that it can be played at the tournaments.


MLG ruleset

No throws
No Items
No stalling
No fireball spam
No option selects

Can’t wait to sign up as xXL337lan3guyXx


Your ignorance is really irritating.

First MLG and Online Gamers are not one in the same. What you think of FPS players online is not what MLG consists of.

You’re dealing with immature teens online who consider games to be something they’re good at so they brag with a vocabulary equivalent to a a 3rd grader.

Also MLG is catered to anybody, not just young people. It just so happens that Halo hasn’t been around as long as fighters and since that’s MLGs flagship game the age group comes with it.

Some of the oldest players that are still playing in MLG are in their mid to late 20’s. That might not seem like much but when they began playing in MLGs infancy at around 15 years old I’d say that’s about right. Competitive console shooters started a little late, don’t hate what hasn’t had as much time as SF to grow and expand it’s community.

Halo 1 came out in 2001

Street Fighter 2 came out in 1991

Need I say more?

Just think of MLG as a large organization that holds tournaments for multiple games over the course of a weekend every couple months a year. By playing in it your not signing away your existence in any other tournament or anything like that.


Signed. If you don’t care about SF, and would rather see it suffer than go against your weak ego driven principles, then go ahead and don’t sign it.


I don’t even understand why there needs to be a petition for this honestly. It’s a fighting game. people know how competitive that shit gets.

and only WoW for PC? I take it MLG hasn’t been paying attention to other bigger named PvP MMO/PC games. Add DFO in there after Nexon takes 20 years to actually make the PvP scene worthwhile.


I don’t know about faux hawks but my DBZ hawaiian shirts will definitely make me look cool to the general population, right right?


anything is more worthwhile than WoW arena.


I won’t support MLG after the shit they pulled at Evo2K5…


Only if it has Roshi on it somewhere, bitches love him.


I just find it hilarious that MLG all of a sudden wants to reenter the fighting scene when you know…they tried once and fucked up. Not like they haven’t had opportunities to make up for the bad rep they had. I just think if they have to make a petition for a game that already has a lot of hype (be it good or bad) that either they’re having doubts from the jump or something else is going on in their ranks.

it’s kinda like…why petition when you can just add it? It’s not like everyone cares about past MLG problems and heresay. (and I think the fact people are signing shows that.)


LOL at everyone hating on MLG. The more major tournaments in the USA, the better.


In terms of Halo3 MLG has some fucked up policies in terms of not wanting to endorse outside tournaments. I’m not even sure you’re allowed to talk about other “LANs” in Halo3 on their forums without risking getting banned. I don’t think they’d mesh well with the tournament organizing structure which fighting games have.


I hate on MLG on general principle but can someone explain how the messed up at EVO2k5?


I know that MLG has mess up in the past but I really dont think the SF community would aloud them to screw things up. Theres to many resources they can use to make this work, and I personally look forward to more tournaments in a year than just waiting for EVO once a year, so I signed, I just hope they dont make me regret it.


they do make people sign contracts with MLG when they’re in “pro” status (placing top 16 in their tournies)… dunno what the contract entails but it’s all to get paid. Brawl was obvious cuz of them demanding (and their forum being owned by MLG) to be on the circuit. Dunno what the reaction is like for the Tekken community since T6 is on their circuit. but reading the brawl stuff makes me puke every minute for all it’s whining 24/7


thats abit different, i they gave some players contracts for halo so they would have to attend tournaments all season and i think they needed permission to enter other tournaments. the lan thing is a recent this and only a factor because of one site that used to be free. this site used to stream pro lans used to prepare for events, but they started to charge $5 for membership. when they started to charge for membership thats when you could no longer post lan stats and discuss the site on mlg.
mlg would be good for fighting games depending on how they handle it. tekken is there now and the prize i think is $2500 for 1st at a regular event and $12000 at championships. depending on how popular sf4 is, it could have even higher prize money.
would also be nice to get some more mature guys over at the mlg forums.


its something to do with getting the rights from capcom to use the game on the circuit. they tried last season to get it up and capcom keeps saying no for some reason.


Yay Capcom…


Wait, so let’s say someone signs a contract with MLG. He would have to get “permission” to attend Evo? WTF kinda dumb shit is that?

So, basically, if FADC for example, decided to start charging for people to see their stream, you wouldn’t be able to discuss the results or even the site on MLG? Again, WTF?

Well, if it’s handled anything like you mentioned above, with players having to get permission to join tournaments outside of the MLG and not being able to discuss shit because it’s not theirs, then I don’t think it would be good at all.

And, unless they’ve changed their shit since 2K5, I don’t see this happening, at least with large support from THIS site.