Help bring SSF4AE2012 to Socal!


alright so no arcades in southern California have there AE arcade cabinets updated to 2012(super arcade,FFA, round 1, etc)

the reason why is because in order to upgrade AE to 2012, the only way at the moment is shipping the machine to Japan and receiving it back in about a month… arcades are not willing to do this obviously because its time consuming and there gonna lose out on a lot of money while the machines are gone

this is beyond retarded, were living in the year 2012 lol and this is the only way to upgrade a arcade cabinet… LMAO!!! capcom DOESN’T CARE about the arcade scene in U.S and its really sad

so please lets all try to help to get AE2012 to Socal as soon as possible!!!
we can all help by tweeting
Seth Killian, Ono, Svenson, etc

and if someone can make a thread at capcom unity (i dont have an account) we can make are voices heard…

remember the squeaky wheel gets the oil