Help - Broke Hori EX2 Stick - Joystick direction


I have had a Hori EX2 for quite a while now, and everything was fine. I recently discovered that the Down+Right input was not working. I checked the input in SF4 : If i press Down+Right, it consider’s the input to be Right. Every other direction still works.

I already opened up the box, and all the wires seem to be in place.

Now it not under warranty any more so i have to repair it myself, but not being an expert, i came here for some help ^^

Does any one have any advice on how to repair this?

Thank you.

You will have to replace broken micro switch in the joystick. The actual Matsushita swtiches that Hori uses in that stick are somewhat hard to find, so you might as well replace all four of them. This will result in a slightly different feel to the joystick, but won’t really impact overall playability.

Lizard Lick sells the Omron switches used in Sanwa JLF joysticks for $2.95 each. They’re nice and clicky, and will give your Hori stick a fairly tight feel. Though be aware that these switches are designed to be soldered to the JLF pcb, so you’ll need to clip off the little legs before they will fit in the joystick.

If you want something more smooth, you might consider Cherry micro switches instead, which are used in American style pushbuttons and joysticks. Ebay has a bunch available. Though again these switches weren’t designed with Hori’s joystick in mind, so you will need to trim down the L-shaped legs on the switches, or cut off the plastic clips that hold restrictor gate to the joystick (don’t worry though, the mounting screws will still hold it all together).

Thank you very much !! I’ll let you know once i’ve fixed it.

SRK users ftw!

You don’t have to modify anything of new Microswitch for install.
You don’t have to modify anything of Restrictor for install.

Just do everything to Step 3.!/Joystick_Mods/Entries/2009/3/24_Hori_EX2_Cherry_Switches_%2B_Octogate_quick_mod.html

You may consider throwing in a Sanwa Octagonal restrictor if you’re into that kind of thing. It’s easy, you just have to drill two holes in the plate to put the screws in. I always had trouble doing supers when I had that stick without the restrictor.

Thank you very much for all the help.

I might do that aswell, althought i am doing ok without it so far. I’ll se when i’ll have the money to repair my stick ^^

i would just put a jlf in being that your already gonna open it up

Yes but it is not a drop in replacement. Need to mod case and gate, and hack joystick to be non-common ground. Replacing switches with Omrons and soldering direct to tabs is the easiest route.

Hello again. It actually appears that it is not the microswitch, its actually comming from the ‘motherboard’ if you see what i mean (I tested the microswitch ad they worked). So any hints of how to fix that?