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i have a te2+ with a brook ufb and a te2ezpz v1.3 by gummomods…

ive been using this fightstick for about two weeks with no issues and today when i turned on my ps4 the ps4 didnt recognize the fightstick…i thought it may be a firmware issue but when i checked on brook’s twitter i didnt get any indication that a recent update may have been released…

does anyone know what the issue may be with my ps4 not recognizing my fightstick?


Do you have the LEDs lighting up when the stick is plugged in ? (mad catz logo or other LED)
If not, it can come from your USB cord.

If yes:
Your problem is probably the same one that made you change the old PCB for a Brook UFB in the first place:
You have a faulty diode in the auxiliary PCB (top panel) of the TE2+ (controlling PS button, LS-DP-RS and Lock/Unlock switches, L3 and R3 buttons). You can remove those diodes and make the stick work again.


the leds do light up…but the first couple of times the blue led lit up then the last couple of times the blue one stopped lighting up…all the red leds light up though and i believe there may be a led on the ufb the lights up.

i dont know what a diode is…is that where the harness is plugged into the board/top panel? would simply unplugging the harnesses and plugging back in be a potential solution?

thanks for all the help, i bought the fightstick with the UFB used from this site because i just wanted to have a te2+ and something to use for my switch…i usually use my vlx when i play…but the te2+ is pretty comfortable and compact


For diode problem, you can look it up in the forum.

If the blue LED on the Brook Board is lit up and now it’s not, the problem may comes from the Brook UFB itself.
Try to connect your fightstick with another USB cable (borrow it from someone else) to test if it’s the cable.