Help buffering supers in Street fighter 2: AE

Sorry for the noobish question but I just brought the Street Fighter 2: Anniversary Edition for PS2 and was wondering if it is possible to buffer supers in this game because I can’t. I have no problem buffering in cvs2 and 3s though.

To buffer double qcf supers like Ryu’s input 1 qcf first then do then input the second qcf and press p. It has to be done in a quick smooth fashion, as for charge supers, I really don’t know.

Actually, you can’t buffer Supers in ST. As in, you can’t 2 in 1 a super from a bufferable normal.

For example, with Ryu you can’t do a shinkuu hadouken from a low forward.

What you CAN do in this game is link supers (i.e. Ken Low Strong link shoryu-reppa)

and you can also kara cancel light attacks into super. That’s how you have to do Ken’s Short, Short, Super. You actually need to do 3 shorts, but the 3rd is kara canceled into the super.

Most of the time, comboing supers is ridiculously hard and doesn’t actually occur much during normal gameplay

I’m confused, are you saying you cant do > shinku because you most definitely can. It’s practically imposible to do then qcf 2x + p, you would have to be insanely fast to do that, thats why you input 1 qcf first then do a then input the second qcf + p.

He’s just confused… Yes, you buffer super into low forward. There are links into super, but what you’re talking about most definitely works.

there is no such thing as a buffer or a cancel in st, the only way to cancel into supers is to link after a frame advantage move. If ryus low forward has frame advantage and is meaty than the link is possible, for example, u can’t cancel blankas low forward into super or chuns stand fierce into super but if there is frame advantage on normals than linking is at all possible. But there is no way u can shortcut the super motions during the normals u have to wait til the animation is over


fires up ST

ok, I’m doing it right now. I’m pretty sure it works.

Buffers and cancels exist in ST. You can cancel low forward into FB right?

Maybe you’re confused with something else? In any case, just go download most any ST combo vid and you’ll see cancelling to supers. Or, if you have it, the first Super Battle Opera ST video with Muteki Guile VS Kurahashi Guile. Muteki ends one of the rounds with j.RH, d.MP, cancel into flashkick super.

linking, and Kara-ing weak attacks (which is a form of cancelling and both of which emplyoy buffering) into supers works in ST, but so do straight up cancels. Just go try it out.

You sir are a monumental idiot.

What? n… no, no. Do what Drunken Master said & go try it out for your self

Heh. I posted Moose’s first post. And no, you cannot CANCEL a super in ST.

Cancel= A move that interrupts a normal before ending
Link= Two moves that, properly timed, will combo one after another.

I can cancel Ryu’s Low Forward into Super all day in alpha or CvS2. Easy. You CANNOT do that in ST. You have to link the super. THat’s why in the combo Low Strong, Low Forward, Super… They HAVE to be crouching. It doesn’t combo if they are standing… but with a regular fireball it doesn’t matter b/c you can cancel the low forward.

If you can cancel supers in ST, cancel Ryu’s Low Fierce into Super Fireball. Go ahead.

As Moose said… you can LINK supers… can’t cancel into them.

Drunken Master= That Guile combo is a link. You can link two strongs together w/ Guile, or whatever the heck you want.

You CANNOT do that in CvS2. He means ST when he said cvs2…they link the supers guile does low strong into the somersault strike his Super Turbo super in that match vid which is a link. A link is using two normals to properly time ur normals to make them connect via frame advantage, a cancel is interupting a normal to break into a super, like rob said you can not do this in st. Try cancelling short jab short super into ryus shinkuu Hadouken in super turbo. In alpha and cvs and 3s u can because they allow u to cancel. Yall are sadly mistaken and should read James Chen’s guide before incorrectly assuming your street fighter terms. its located in game faqs.

Listen Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum, everyone else has been pretty nice so far, but I’ll be blunt because I don’t see how else you’ll understand. You CAN cancel a normal into a Super in ST. I think you’re confusing the fact that you SUCK too much to do it with the altogether different proposition that it’s not possible. Now shut the fuck up and know what the hell you’re talking about next time you decide to post and spread more misinformation.

And we’re talking about cancel INTO a super if that was where the misunderstanding stemmed from.

Duck Strong… Go into practice mode in ST. Ryu’s Low Fierce… Bufferable normal, right? Can cancel it into fireball, right? Ok. Try canceling that into a super.

Good luck.

wow… I suck robin guess all this kid doesn’t know who we are. Very mature. :wow: Um Duck strong go to counseling b4 you post again. And before you post again watch your language because moderators love to ban accounts who use bad language in your posts. Try cancelling ryus low fierce into super and kens low fierce into super and guiles stand fierce into super and cammys low forward into super. In cvs2 perfectly possible super turbo no :clap:

Ok I fired up the DC and tried what you asked. Done, done, done you dumbshits. Would you like me to make a vid?

you can’t cancel into supers in ST the way u do in cvs2 cuz in the OG games u only have a small window to input the special command, that’s why for low forward into shinkuu, u have to do the first QCF motion, then hit the normal in midmotion during the second QCF to cancel whatever normal into super.

And cancelling into supers has been done enough times in combo AND match videos. What more proof do u need?

Maybe you guys should have tried the method omega-x suggested, dumbasses.

Well, I’ll give it an extra shot. I tried for awhile on Ryu’s low forward-> shinkuu and i couldn’t get it to work. I got low forward->Fireball or low forward-> DP. But if it’s basically kara cancel timing, no wonder it never works.
If the timing is that strict… I would think that canceling supers is more renda-canceling than actually doing a normal 2-in-1.

I think the PS2 AE version is messed up or something. Oh well, I guess I won’t use them when I’m playing the game then cause up until today I havn’t been able to do it.

Yes I’ve seen the vids and buffering into supers is possible in ST. But what I want to know is it possible to do it on the PS2 AE version because it feels like Capcom messed up something when they were porting it and I still can’t do one at all.:confused:

Can someone test out the PS2 AE version and see if it is possible to buffer into supers. Thanks.

you can’t cancel into supers in ST the way u do in cvs2 cuz in the OG games u only have a small window to input the special command, that’s why for low forward into shinkuu, u have to do the first QCF motion, then hit the normal in midmotion during the second QCF to cancel whatever normal into super.

And cancelling into supers has been done enough times in combo AND match videos. What more proof do u need?

Maybe you guys should have tried the method omega-x suggested, dumbasses.[/QUOTE

Maybe yall don’t understand what I’m saying u can kara cancel a super in St and trick the game engine to combo in a super u r basically kara cancelling a normal via low forward or stand fierce into super. U can’t CANCEL the normal at any point during the animation u can only kara cancel the normal into a super. A kara cancel is different from a regular cancel which i and i’m sure robin was originally saying. But u can combo into super but u can’t cancel a normal into it u kara cancel the normal into the super and it combos.

Ok, I know what you’re talking about in THIS post. Like wtih Ken:

c.short > c.short > c.short~super

The “~” in this scenerio represents a kara. So that 3rd short never hit. The super is completed AFTER the 3rd short animations starts, but is cancelled in the first couple of frames, way BEFORE that 3rd short was even really visible as coming out. Super is quick enough to connect from the hit advantage of the second short. That’s the only way to connect a super off of a short chain. Super’s can not buffer off of chains like short > short. Or jab > jab. Key word there guy’s, chains. But they can buffer off of links. Like Ryu:

f+strong, xx shinku hadoken

That is a link from the f+strong. It’s not a chain. Big differnce. That is a bread and butter for Ryu and is a TRUE combo. And yes Moose/Robin, that shinku hadoken is buffered/cancelled off of the

The thing confuses me to hell and beyond, is the fact that you and Robin are saying you can’t cancel into a super? Maybe the SF Anniversary Edition is a fucked up version, but buffer into supers is very possible. When I play Ryu, 99% of my shinku hadokens are connected off of buffers. I don’t actually do, wait, let it recover, then throw the super. It’s a buffer. I don’t know what’s wrong with the version you two have. But buffering/cancelling into supers isn’t a theory, it’s the rule. Do you guys not remember the ST books, that showed all those combos. It never said, eat a sandwhich, throw super. It clearly stated, crouching forward two-in-one shinkuu hadoken.

Yeah… coming back with that doesn’t help your case Moose. What you and Robin are saying is asinine. So, making it appear like you are really “awesome” at Street Fighter, and that guy obviously doesn’t know who you are, is completely negated everytime you hit the submit reply button. You and Robin are more wrong than anybody can comprehend right now. Maybe you guys got a fucked up version, I don’t know. But what you guys are saying isn’t possible, is actually the core of ryu landing his super in combos.

Jive Out!