Help building a 360 stick

Hey, sorry to bother you all with a post but wasn’t able to find a good answer to my problem.
I was looking into building a stick for my 360 recently and read about the problem with the PCB so I figured I was stuck, and I’d have to go buy a TE stick. While out looking around for a TE stick I talked to someone that directed me back here telling me there was a cthulhu setup working for the 360 but I can’t seem to find anything on it.

Now, if there is one available could someone direct me to it, and if not what’s the best way to build a well put together 360 stick with this 360 problem?

P.S.- and I apologize, I’m sure you get this question pretty often, search didn’t seem to find anything for me.

Cthulhu never has and never will work for the 360 as far as I know. What are you talking about?

What “problem” with a 360 PCB? Do you even know enough to build your own stick? lol

Read up on this site:

Then sift through this thread for an hour or two.

One you have done that, then you should ask questions.

I got some bad information on the cthulhu then.

No I don’t know how to build my own stick. That’s kinda the point.

Okay, so I’m reading through it, there’s a lot around modding existing 360 sticks and hacking a 360 pad PCB to use to build a custom stick off of. I got some bad information from someone about being able to get a PCB that would work for a 360 from someone it sounds like, is there a way to do this without hacking a pad or modifying a stick already made for the 360? What’s the best way to go here, go out and do a madcatz padhack and build on that?

Best way is to order a pre-hacked pad from Modchipman and be done with it.

Then, all you have to do is put on quick disconnects, and drop everything in a case.

I think I love you for this. I didn’t know Modchipman sold pre-hacked pads, I live in the area, that’s a done deal. Thanks a ton for the help, it’s VERY much appreciated, been playing Street Fighter games since the original 2 when I was a kid and really getting back into it. Thanks again.

Hey, you should hook up with some of the Chicago set…nice guys up there.

Clayton (phreakazoid on srk) is a master pad/stick hacker and I’m sure he could help you if you get stuck.

Also…you should come to MWC! Even if you don’t enter, it a great experience. MWC was my first tourney, I entered and got destroyed, but it was still lots of fun and it made me HUNGRY to get better.

Hey sure, love to check it out, have a link to the info? A buddy of mine restores arcade cabinets as a hobby and is helping me out with this little project of mine, really stoked about it.

Go post here: and introduce yourself

It’s the Chicago thread.