Help: Building a Vewlix

Hi Guys,

i am a new user from germay.

I just came across this forum in search for information about the Vewlix.

For me its the most beautiful cabinet on the world :slight_smile:

The problem is: If you don’t want to spend more the 3000 Euros it is impossible to get one here in germany.

Only option (at least for me) is to build one!

And that is the reason why i am posting here in this forum.

I saw many users here build them by theirselfs too!
Maybe someone here can provide me with information i need to build one too?

I mean, i never saw this cabinet in real life! Thats the first problem! I don’t have any dimensions or proportions at all! I only saw pictures of it.

Those information would be great to get in the first place. Maybe someone is willing to share this?!

Maybe an exploded view drawing :slight_smile: Any information is helpful!!

I already talked to Kray if he is sending those cabinets to germany too, but unfortunatly he is not :frowning:

Maybe someone else is?
Maybe someone knows someone who is build and selling Vewlix Control Panels. Those i would happily pay for, because i dont know if my wood working skills are good enough for those! The cabinet is okay, but the control panel…

So please… if anyone is willing to help me making my dreams come true… :slight_smile:


[S]There is someone who sells the cabinets unbuilt but fully cut including panels. I’m not sure if he ships to germany though[/S]

Oops, guess i need to read more thoroughly

There are guys with workbuilds of vewlixes like donovan myers who put up their plans online. The official control panel can be bought at[S][/S]

You can buy the panel from akishop, but I suspect it’s more the sides to the cp he was concerned about being able to re-create.

There is a PDF of(and a wealth of other information) on Donovan Meyers’ site as Mr. Mortified already pointed out.

Specifically, the PDF is here:

Another useful forum for arcade cabinet building in general is

There are a few Vewlix/Vewlix like projects on there if you have a search about, as well as a subforum for help with woodworking etc. (Project Announcements is the meat of that forum though.)

Best of luck! :smiley:

Yes you are right!
actually i have more concerns about the housing of the panel, as the actual plate itself.

30.000 Yen… dont know if that is much for a full compiled panel…

That’s about 277 euro. Those Vewlix panels are crazy expensive in my opinion.

Most (but admittedly not all) people who build their own cabinets, also make their own cps.

You can see the joystick/button spacing here:

Search the page for Vewlix the layout is near the bottom.

It would be substantially cheaper to print a couple of those out and drill some holes in a lump of wood. Having said that if you can/want to spend the money, an authentic panel could be a really sweet detail.