Help? ~Bushinryu training~

Recently, In feel like I’ve hit this wall with Guy.-_- I’ve been using him since Super and He’s my main but I’m no good against mirror matches. I usually fight alot of high-level players but this problem is really putting me at a disadvantage against high-level Guy players. I need some suggestions. I play on PSN so please feel free to say what you think I should do,thanks.

my psn is yon702 i been guy playing since alpha 2 but was never good with him till super we could run some matchs i been in like top 5 guy players in vegas so.

P.S. my ps3 is being ship atm but will update when i get it.

Awesome, I’d can’t wait to throw down. I don’t have a mic so i can’t chat and play --’ but, I’m sure we can learn something from each other . ^^

srry for the very late reply atm but thats not going to happen since i shipped with usps my ps3 is now stolen and is now missing some where in TN, Memphes or somewhere and im a bit piss nah fuck it im saltly and fucking pissed at them so till i can get a ps3 il give yea a post

Hit me up I have a MIC PSN MANIAKBUILT

Yon: Wow that’s sucks pretty hard. Well when you get that situated out, I’ll be waiting

Ferio: Awesome… I think I’ve fought you before… nevertheless I’m always interested in making new friends.

Sure man. I have fought very very few Guy matches online almost all were guys who did random stuff like random mk tatsu and random runslides with no meter and no combos. I dont recognize your name so I cant say that we have played? Ive only played sets with OBEY and ALBO but others not sure. I can help with basic setups etc. because Im at that beginner level right now. Im also a noob 2010er.

I see. I won’t call myself a beginner with Guy, but there alot of stuff I need to get straight though. I’ve fought Obey and a few others also but I don’t really have a strong Guy player on my friend list.I stink at mirror matches and what not,so nevertheless I’m excited.

I would befriend OBEY and ALBO. They are very good and playing them helps me understand what Guy is capable of.

Albo? I really don’t know who that is. Obey? I never really talked to him before, I fought him couple of times but and tried to chat with him but it didn’t work out.

Had fun man! You have a great Guy! It was cool having that room with you guys!

Oh yeah no problem man. I learned alot. :slight_smile:

LOL suuuure you did :wink:

O_O what? I’m serious. T_T

Cool man! We will get some games in again!

Sure man just hit me up anytime. :slight_smile:

Major rule when it comes to Guy vs Guy, don’t use Elbow at all or take the air much in general. Guy’s cr mk stuffs/avoid just about everything Guy can throw out aside from J HK, Play a strict ground game unless you score a KD just remember cr mk can avoid cross ups if timed correctly. Footsies battles are the way to go and approach.

Guy vs Guy is statistically (stats in player records) my third worst matchup… :frowning:

I struggle big time because for some reason I expect the other Guy to play like me… and when he doesnt a mistake has allready been made and hes in = stun = dead.

Bad times.

B Drunk- I see. Well that’s one way to do it I guess. I’m usually on the ground so its not a problem,but I don’t know all of guys crossups and in a mirror match this is fatal.

Danonino- Hm… well first off don’t assume that all Guy(s) play the same. XD Alot of the time they have certain way that they play. Some Hit/Run, some Rush down relentlessly, and some play defensive. Keep in mind these tips and make sure you know all your characters tools. :slight_smile: And don’t sike yourself out before the match starts. >_<

I still have alot to learn myself but I have some offline training with a high level Guy player so I hope this helps

A lot of it is really lack of match up knowledge, sounds silly but its one thing knowing the tools and how to use them, but how to stop someone using the same tools without a good few games is hard.
I play a patient Guy untill I get the knockdown, its the rushdown and ex bsk EVERYTHING Guys that confuse me, I know how I should approach the match but I choke and as you say sike myself out :wink:

Although in saying that my last few matches I won convincingly against another (good) Guy. I’m hoping I can build on that the next time.
But my hand got busted today because I’m thick and like to shut doors on my limbs :frowning: so Im off the street fighter wagon for a while… there should be a streetfighter AA.