Help buying Skullgirls using US PSN (From EU)


So unfortunately there’s yet to be an EU PSN release date for Skullgirls and so I’m sure a lot of us from the EU intend to get the game day one attempting to use a US PSN account.

Anyone mind giving us the easiest way to go about this and any extra info we might need when it comes to online play and later DLC?

Thanks in advance!


Easiest way is have have a bro in the US buy a card and send you the code, while you reimburse them via PayPal or such. There were a few people volenteering to do this in GD.


Wait…Eu players wont be able to buy skullgirls on psn?

#4 - didn’t trying it myself but guys are approving =]


There hasn’t been a release date for it yet. Currently it’s only being released on the 10th for US PSN, and 11th for XBL worldwide. Kinda sucks :v

Looks legit. Might give it a go.

Thanks for the quick replies



I always use Play-Asia for PSN cards and theyre pretty good. They usually send you the code within like a day max except this one time when they apparently ran out of codes and I had to wait like a week.

The main problem is for DLC you will most likely have to buy from the US store aswell, so you’ll always have to keep buying US psn cards.


Bought a US PSN Card from Play-Asia, and they send an email instantly with the code. Loaded up my US PSN Account with the $$$, now to wait for tomorrow.

I’m from Australia btw.


I am starting to like this… the JPY:USD is damn good right now and can get this cheaper than I would if I had to buy in Japan… So with the game + some DLC I would be paying full price.

Just need to find out HOW MUCH dlc there will be.


Just make a fake U.S account using an american address, made up e-mail etc. and then buy a PSN card code (like I did, from Not So Saint’s plugged website) or buy an actual card of Ebay, BestBuy or Play-Asia. It’s pretty simple really, or wait the extra 2 weeks.


I just bought mine, got the code within the minute.


Glad to hear. I’m planing to use this site too via my cousin.


Wait, is it confirmed that it’ll take another 2 weeks to come out? That’s pretty… sad. :S


Release date is still unknown fo eu psn >_>
Wait, did you actually bought PS3? O_o


No, I’m still thinking about it (and will prolly go for it once I have dualmodded my stick).
But there’s a german FG tourney feat. SkullGirls at the 27th, and if the game only comes out on the ~24th,
this probably will take quite a hit in both people attending and quality of play :shake:


This guy is amazing, he just emails you the code within an hour ir so

i have done business with him many. many times


Do you know if it will be the same Version basically for EU as it is in US? I’m worried about the matchmaking system. Will the game know that I’m European and give me other EU players to play with?


I’m in USA but I can’t find the version. Like wtheck??? :frowning:

It’s not on PSN when I search “skullgirls”


I am having the same issue. D:


I’m crying a little on the inside. The skullgirls main website isnt working for me either, weirdly enough. I wanted to go there to check.