Help calculating meaty attacks



I am looking for the wakeup frame data of characters after Ryu’s hard knockdowns but have not been able to find it.

I understand that Blanka is always 2F late, and Cammy/Sagat are always 1F late than the rest.

So, what’s the wakeup speed of the rest of the cast when I hit them with:
What I want to do is calculate which moves I have to whiff in order to perform a meaty after a hard knockdown.

Specially meaty s.HK against Rose.

Thanks in advance!


record and step through on vid editing software? No idea


I think I can calculate it using a known meaty setup, but I am missing the frame-data of Ryu’s dash.

Also, I got a setup against Rose. f.throw > c.LP (whiff) > dash > s.HK
This beats her backdash and stop her U2 right on its tracks. Actually the only thing she can do (other than blocking) is EX Soul Spiral (drill)


Ryu’s F.Dash has a total of 18 frames.

Source :


Face Up:20F ( - 1F): Adon (1F invincible bug)21F (+0F): Others, “Neutral stick” Gen (with 1Finvincible bug), “Neutral stick” Yang(with 18F invincible bug)22F (+1F): Blanka, Dhalsim, Claw, Sagat26F (+5F): HakanFace Down:33F (+2F): Blanka, Yang (2F invincible bug)32F (+1F): Sagat, Cammy, “Neutral stick” Gen(with 1F invincible bug)31F (+0F): Others

this is how many frames for wake up.


This is useless. Rose can focus absorb backdash s.HK.