Help! CAN NOT get FADBC into U2

I’ve literally been at this for DAYS in training and I have never gotten it. I’ve watched SonicFlash122’s great tutorial on the matter and I just can’t seem to get it. I can do all the motions in my sleep and the muscle memory is building, but I’m still mega failing.

It seems like the issue is maybe in my pause? if I look at the tutorial video and see how long he pauses, for me the character has already hit the ground if I hold the pause into the U2 motion. Shortening the pause results in me never getting the U2 out.

EDIT: Also, I’m using the LK FK, that’s okay right? I don’t have to use the HK FK right?

Could I get some suggestions? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

I got a Hori Arcade Stick EX 2 - well the shell of one:
Sanwa buttons
Happ Switches
8-way Octogonal Restrictor.

Please help a scrub!

no one can help? :frowning:

yes man I will help you. I think there is enough information about this issue so please spend some time reading those threads. I still cant get it consistently but I know where the problem is. I am guessing that forward dash u2 is now butter. the backwards dash is the hard one to master.

things to revise while you do the motion
From upback after the fk (press focus cancel and hold it), go to Back without going to neutral ,then go to neutral, now go back… guile is dashing backwards now(release focus). immediatly do forward,back,forward PPP. Dont forget about the shades

The reason I hold focus is to not press anything that will mess it up and I feel a grip for the movement. Thats how I do it 52% of the time.

I get it about 50% of the time as well.

The first time I got it, I wasn’t hitting PPP fast enough, try that.

this is surly easier to do on a squair gate isnt it?

Not sure why anyone would want to use an Octagonal gate in SF especially when playing a charge.

can anyone do it no pad i have once but, can’t same to get it again.

I learned it on pad and currently do it on an octagonal gate stick. You got a question about doing it on pad?

I do…as in how do you do it? I heard there is a easier method with pad than stick.

There isn’t really an easier method with pad over stick. Personally, I find it way easier on stick regardless of it being on an octagonal(instead of square gate) like some have said but then again, it is “preference” How you do it on pad? I learned it with the default button layouts. The only part that has a sort of strict timing in the actual execution of Fk- FADC- U2 is the dash…period. Anyone can Flash kick, Focus attack, and Dash. The trick in landing this is to get the dashing and buffering in combination on lock. For scrubs starting this out(No offense) you don’t even need to do the flash kick to get this part down. You can stat by getting in the lab and holding back. Start with the forward dash ultra for the sake of just learning. Once you have that charge, press and hold the focus attack, input the Forward dash(–>, -->) This is the important part while guile is dashing forward, you do NOT wait for him to finish dashing before inputting the rest of the ultra. You have to have to HAVE TO buffer the rest of the ultra AS he is dashing. Meaning while guile is in that dash animation you are inputting the remaining buttons to the Ultra sequence(<–, --> 3p) as he is finishing the dash. Sf4 is pretty lenient on inputs so you don’t have to bust too much of a mission to land it and it doesn’t have to be perfect, so long as you get the buffering technique down. Surprisingly, it doesn’t have to be done quick as fk either. Think about it, once you have dashed out of the flash kick, all you have to do is back, towards+3ps. The next important thing to learn is how long you have to delay the Focus, this part kinda sucks. If your too close, you cross under and Ultra the complete opposite way from the air borne opponent and this st SUCKS in real time fights when that juggle was all it friggin took to win so it PAYS to learn this timing. It mostly has to do with range and strength of flash kick used at times but eventually from doing it so damn much you get an eye for it. All I can say about that when first learning it is don’t let go of the focus attack until you you see that your opponent will be IN FRONT OF YOU after you dash, it isn’t like Ryu’s SRK-FADC U1 where you can immediately dash and ultra. The timing will get easier and it’s just awesome. Hope it made sense. =) I almost forgot to mention that once you get the dash ultra part down and you start adding the flash kick into the equation, you have to do the flashkick from a downback charge to an upback charge so that when you dash you have never lost “charge” for the ultra input. So to sum up once you have charged down back for your flashkick, you do upback+kick to start flashkick hold focus attack on contact and input forward, forward, back, forward+3p, NEVER LET GO OF BACK AND GO INTO NUETRAL WHEN YOUR DOING THE DASH. The moment you stall you WILL lose charge. Go directly from that upback charge to forward forward and if you have to delay the timing a bit, you hold that up back until it is time to dash.

hey guys ive been trying this out to cant seem to get it,what do you thinks the easiest strength of the flash kick to use or should i do an ex???im not very good with ulras i barely use them but it would definately be helpful to knw this

I have a small question for you Guile experts who will probably be explaining this for the 100th time. But I can occasionally get this out (I don’t main guile, I fart around in endless with him), but the SH whiffs? Is this a distance issue or a timing issue?

I’m doing it with the back dash.

timing issue

Thanks guys, not a guile main but got this down to about 90% after 10 minutes after reading this.

Actually I’m a bit curious… with the AE change to SH startup I’ve heard many people say it’s not possible to FADC Sonic Hurricane at all now. Is this true? I tried a few times in AE and failed but I can’t get it consistently in Super anyway. Mainly just use U1 all the time now so it doesn’t really matter I guess xD