Help can't get stick to work


Hello all, I just bought the Hori real arcade pro Kai 4 for ps3/ps4. (It only has the ps3/ps4 button) but I read that it should work on pc also a couple answers from video reviews told me so.
Now I can get my pc to recognize it. It says it is working correctly, but when I load up SFV the stick doesn’t do anything?
Anyone knows what the problem could be?
I have windows 7, don’t know if it matters.

Thanks in advance!


Problem isn’t your stick, or windows its Street Fighter V.
It wants Xinput not the Dinput what your stick putting out.

There supposedly some app that can convert your inputs to the format the game is looking for, if you ask me its just sloppy work on Capcom’s part.


Thanks for the fast reaction.
I’ll look into that!


Glad to say I already got it to work after downloading X360CE
Thanks alot!