HELP! Can't get through a single match on SSFAE GFWL because of DC's


When I first bought it, I played online with a friend and some randoms on endless and ranked. Yes I got bodied like a fool, but at least there wasn’t lag. I was just THAT bad.

Fast forward a few weeks. Training diligently. Wanting to put my training to the test by playing on endless for a bit with randoms. After every single FIRST round, the next round’s screen won’t load. It’ll hang, and then “Lost connection to opponent” appears on my screen. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. There have been times where I’ve scored KO’s on people with much higher PP/BP than me, I got hyped up… and then I lose connection.

I tried port forwarding. Didn’t help. Took off the port forwards (because last time I recall, when I did get actual online gameplay I wasn’t forwarded). Still doesn’t help.

I’m on a decent internet service, I get downloads from torrents and stuff at 4 mbps and have an acceptable (though low) upload speed.

What the hell’s going on? Will I have to wait until Steamplay comes for SSFAE so I can finally play online?




Hmm… I think it’s either your connection or your PC/modem/router that is doing the DCs unless everyone rages at round 2. Have you tried reinstalling the game?


It probably is, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do to fix it… and no, I haven’t but not sure how that will help


Doing general troubleshooting usually helps narrow down the problem. Try reinstalling the game to see if it fixes it, if it doesn’t then we know it’s not the game itself.


Well I’ve disabled AV and Firewall, so they’re out of the picture.

I’ve tried connecting via Ethernet and I’m getting slightly better results.

I DC at the end of the 2nd round (right before saving data that I won), but for some reason never when I lose. Its not the opponent quitting though, since the message is the same “Lost connection to opponent” not “Opponent left the game”. Before port forwarding I saw “Opponent left the game” all the time, probably because I was laggy. After port forwarding its not laggy during gameplay but it always disconnects during the match, and I’m quite sure its on my end.

Re-installing the game for now, seeing if that yields any results.


No idea what happened, but after re-installing and troubleshooting my router and portforwarding with a guy on the DLink forums, it seems to work.

Played endless against some guy named Floobz, won twice and lost 24 times, and only dropped a match once. xD