Help choosing a character!?

So Im guessing this is a question you guys get alot, but i have problems choosing a main character too use in UMVC3. Yeah I know it sounds silly, but I like to choose one character too focus on! :smiley:

So a bit of backstory, well there basically is none since the only fighting game i was really into was Blazblue CS and then I played Tsubaki and Lambda.
So I am looking to play something along those lines, like Lambda or Tsubaki? does anyone have some suggestions?

Frank might be good for you. While not entirely similar to tsubaki, frank levels up and becomes more powerful the more levels he has, he gains new moves and new properties and unlike tsubaki doesn’t actually spend those levels he keeps them. Interestingly though in franks higher levels he gets huge multi hitting attacks with massive high priority hit boxes, a lot like lambda. He’s a hard character to learn and in order to be practical probably needs another character to combo into and help him level up, because frank levels up the more hits he does before taking a picture. This might be tough, a challenge, but I think he best suits your requests.

We have a thread stickied called the Team Building Thread. Please go there for questions like this.