Help choosing a stick - newbie inside

Hey everyone… Ive been reading the forums all day today trying to figure out which stick to buy for SF4, but it seems the more I read the more confused I get. I would purchase the Fightstick TE but seems like I will have to wait months to get one. The regular edition fightstick seems to have some sticking problems, not to mention i cant find one of those either. Basically I want a quality stick that will last a long time, and I have up to around $200 to spend. I cant build my own as I am not knowledgeable enough. Could any point me in the right direction please? Are there any other premades that are of good quality for the Xbox 360? Hori seems good but everyone swaps out the parts for new ones, so cant be that good… ?

you can pick up a hrap ex … its pretty good but many prefer sanwa or seimitsu buttons … thats why they change them. the only problem is that hori buttons die really fast after a little abusing. you can play them until they break and then change the buttons … costs about 25$ so why not.

if you have that much to spend, build or buy a custom with quality parts to suit your needs. 150 is already enough to make a sexy stick.

Problem is there are so many parts and I dont know whats what… I will try to locate a thread that shows which parts are the best etc

How is the HORI EX compared to say the MadCatz FightStick? How difficult is it changing the HORI buttons to Sanwa? Soldering involved?

Yo. Here is an excellent website with a wealth of information.

Also don’t forget to check out the essential joystick thread that is stickied here on tech talk. Here’s a link to that thread.