Help choosing main


So i’m a fairly new player but I have a decent grasp of mindgames and reads due to being an ex-competetive player in another game but what i’m absolutely worthless at is execution. Therefore i was hoping that you guys could help me choose a main by simply telling me who has the easiest combos, super/ultra setups and block strings.

I’d prefer it if you could choose one of the character from the following list since they’re the characters that i’m the most interested in but feel free to suggest any character. Keep in mind that I couldn’t care less about tier lists so just forget about them.

Ryu, Juri, Cammy, Viper, Cody, Vega, Ibuki

To clarify what I mean when I say that i’m awful at execution I mean that i’m about at the level where I can land Ryu’s J.HK > C.MK > EX.Tatsu > Ultra in the corner about 90% of the time in practice mode and FADC ultra about 1-2% of the time in practice mode. This is in practice, in a real match all I can pull off are random 3 button combos. I just want to know what character that I would need the least amount of training with before I can start to land combos and super/ultra setups consistently.


First take Viper right off that list, she’s heavily execution heavy. Ryu and Cody are the easiest I see of your choices and pretty beginner friendly. Ibuki is mostly chain combos and my little brother uses her although his execution isn’t that great so she’d be fine. Vega footies are good enough you could win with just out poking the other character but he does have some 1F links so I’d keep that in mind. As for Cammy and Juri I think any intermediate level player could use them but I wouldn’t start with them.

Basically Ryu and Cody are your best options at least in my opinion.


I’m not sure how i’m being “mentally lazy” by trying to learn a character quickly so I can start to get a better understanding the game and then proceed to play through the entire cast when I have got this understanding of the game and what not.

And how can no one answer this question for me? Ofcourse people can answer this question for me since some character doesn’t have as hard combos as others. I think blacksonic did a pretty decent job of answering the question for me.


Cammy, Viper, Ibuki are high-execution characters (Ibuki works somewhat by rolling your face on the buttons but I wouldn’t advise)
Cody and Claw need their links to work properly but aren’t extremely difficult
Ryu and Juri “work” entirely without BnBs (still wouldn’t advise), Juri has some… shenanigans though. And you won’t ever land her U2.

Ryu is the easiest executionwise out of those.

General note: Don’t be so fucking afraid. Execution is strange to learn (particularly when coming from other competitive games), but one advances suprisingly fast. Don’t pick a character just because it’s the easiest route; that’ll in the end just slow down your learning pace (if you ever care about becoming halfway decent at this game, you’re going to have to learn links and advanced FADC combos with every single character - some work longer without than others, but there ain’t one which got an execution ceiling of 0.)


Well, let’s see here. Pretty much everyone you listed here is execution-heavy, ESPECIALLY Viper. Out of this list it’d be probably be safest to main Ryu, if you’re worried about failure to execute.

However, if you’re afraid to learn how to execute better than there really isn’t much room for improvement. You should really train with your main until you can execute with them, otherwise I wouldn’t consider myself ready to fight other people. Characters like Ryu and Ken are good for people who are just starting to get into this game, but they are not nearly as rewarding as learning how to use characters like Dudley, Viper, Juri, or Gen.

Basically, I think you should just suck it up and practice your execution instead of using a basic character to compensate for your lack of practice. It’ll make you better at this game and open up a lot of possibilities that will make you a better player in general.


It’s not that i’m afraid to learn to to execute better. I’m really trying I mean I sit in training mode with Ryu attempting to do FADC Ultra until I start throwing up at the sight of an EX DP coming out instead of ultra. It’s just that it would be nice to have a character that isn’t really execution heavy so I can actually play the game for a bit and not just sit in training mode 95% of the time.


#1: You got literal ages of time to do Ryus FADC Ult. Ex DP mostly comes out from doing it waaaay too fast (to the point where even if you input it correctly, the Ult would fly under your opponent). Chill down. Very few things in SF have to be executed quickly (heh, Juris FADC U2).
#2: You don’t need to be able to do Ryus FADC combo to “play”. It tacks some damage on a guessed SRK, but it’s “just” 300 damage. It’s necessary for optimization, but you can play a perfectly good Ryu without being able to do it.
#3: If you really just want to do stuff and see how spacing and the likes work without bothering with execution at all, Guile and Dictator(Bison) would be the most obvious choices. Possibly Rose.

What do you play on? If it’s PC we can get some matches in.


Stick with Ryu. Put a cap on the amount of time you practice anything. Break up that FADC to ultra into parts. Practice the last half of the combo untill you can do 50 in a row (no attack first, just do FADC raw into ultra) then practice the srk fadc by itself until you can do 50. then try the whole thing 20 times. then stop for the day. Rinse and repeat everyday until you have it :slight_smile: but get out and play. there is much more to the game than just the fancy combos. Knowing how to do a fancy combo wont matter if you haven’t learned how to get in and learned what works vs each character; and you can only learn that by grinding away vs people.


The FADC ultra was just an example and ofcourse I don’t need to to play but I have to start with learning something so why not that. :slight_smile:
Right now when I play online I just try to bait stuff out and then punish with something as simple as a sweep and then rinse and repeat til he’s dead. Unfortunately I don’t play on PC, i play on XBOX but even if I did play on PC i’m a european so there would probably be some significant lag.


If you want to just play to have fun, then go for it. Nothing wrong with that.

But if you want to get into the more technical side of this game, involving mindgames and footies and all that, I think you need to spend more time training than you’re willing to, lol.



When in doubt. Ryu.


I’m from germany, so it should work out :wink:


Well I still play on xbox :stuck_out_tongue:


Because learning how to block, how to react to jumpins, what characters do, how to punish, how to keep people from advancing, how to work your way in, … and a gazillion other things is way more important than some random trainingmode-grinded combos.


Thawk and Guile are both very slow paced, low execution character. They both have useful, but unrequired links.


Pick Ryu. He’s the easiest to learn out of the bunch, he’s very solid and has no glaring weaknesses, he can handle all of his matchups, and his skillset forces you to rely primarily on his fundamentals.


Just to be clear, use WHOEVER interests you the most, and don’t be scared of their execution requirement. As it will benefit you in the future. If you enjoy Viper the most, than stick with her, you will lose a LOT, but it will pay off if you’re determined to learn the character. Ryu is your safest bet, as he is so solid, and has an answer for almost every situation. But, it takes a lot of practice to get good with him. Just to reiterate, use the character you like the most, and stay true to your heart, work your ass of to learn match ups and combos, and never give up!


Forget Ryu. Go with Ken. Everybody knows hes better because that niggas hand goes on fire :stuck_out_tongue:


Ignore all the execution crap. I started out with Guile because I like the character and I had good chances of winning since he’s not hard to learn. I don’t like how you need to play Guile in this game though so I have a bunch of other characters I play, mainly Gen. What I learned is that I should have picked the character I liked the most from the start, regardless of tiers, execution barriers or any other factors. Gen to me is the most fun and rewarding character. I’m not a tourney player so I don’t care if I don’t win EVO. Pick the character YOU like the most.


Experiment with characters, find who you like that fits your play style. I’d start off with which one looks appealing to you, then move along the list until you find someone you like.