Help Clarifying Some Terminology

Right what it says.

  1. What’s a “kara X?”
  2. What’s “tiger kneeing” an input?
  3. What’s plus/minus on block?
  1. Kara = Cancel

  2. Tiger Knee (TK) Is pretty complicated to describe 100% accurately. It’s basically an air only move as close to the ground as possible, so it can function on the ground too. An example of this would be Vipers Burn Kick, Adons Jaguar Kicks, Dhalsims Shangrila, Juri’s Dive kicks ect.

    • Means you cannot be punished if the opponent blocks the move. - Means you can

These are incredibly basic responses. Research on the proper meanings if you can. Google holds the answers

Not exactly.

  1. A Kara is an “empty” cancel. Many cancel-able normals can be canceled out of without the normal actually hitting. This is usually paired with normals that move the character forward (or some other useful property). An example in SF4 is Ken’s kara throw.

  2. The original input for Sagat’s Tiger Knee was: D, DF, F, UF + K. Due to how input windows work in many fighting games, this can also be used to do air specials very low to the ground.

  3. Read the frame data guide: Basic frame data guide for newbies

The purpose of a Kara cancel is to use a normal move forward momentum to grant extra range to another move by canceling the animation of the first move by doing the second move. The most famous is Ken’s Kara throw. When you push the joystick towards the opponent and hit medium kick ken does a kick that move foward a great distance. Now if you do the forward kick then do the motion for a throw, if it is done quick enough (almost feels like you are doing both at the same time; look up plinking) ken will twitch foward a bit before doing the throw giving it much more range. An easier kara cancel can be done in Marval 3 with Captain America. Do a Standing H and before he finishes the standing H do Stars and Stripes, you will get a huge range boost on that move. A more fun and asshole thing to do in SSF4 is Kara cancle a Focus attack into a taunt like this (the 0:15 mark of the video)[media=youtube]Nmjj3qQJ4v8[/media]

Using forward momentum is only one use of kara cancels. Other uses include bypassing combo restrictions and option selects.

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Just a minor heads-up: the original Tiger knee motion is ↓→↗ + K, actually.

example for bypassing combo restrictions…

in ST you cannot cancel rapid fire chains like x2 into specials or supers. A way to bypass this is to do x2, chain into kara cancel into super. the input is x2, qcf x2 +lk~ any p.


don’t know what +/- on block is, but kara is not always about cancelling,and tiger knees are pretty low anti-airs

These are all wrong. You’ve got to stop posting shit if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

+/- on block means the frames of advantage or disadvantage your opponent is at, when you do a certain move. It’s primary use is in discovering possible combos, frame traps, block strings, and moves that can be punished. Kara is cancelling frames of animation on a normal, primarily to access combos or extended ranges that are impossible to achieve without this. And tiger knee motions is simply doing a QCF and ending up up-towards. Besides being the original motion for a tiger knee, this also makes it possible to do QCF motions in the air, EXTREMELY close to the ground. Nowadays, the term ‘tiger knee’ also extends to doing any air special move close to the ground, such as Viper’s air flame kick, or Ibuki’s super jump cancel combos.

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Kara is all about canceling lol. Tiger Knee isn’t about low anti airs. To tiger knee means to do the joystick motion for an air special move while on the ground then push up-foward or up-back on the joystick and hit the attack button after you jump but before the game engine forgets the special move motion you buffered before the jump.