Help comboing xx dash punch xx super

the combo in the title doesn’t always work? Why? Can someone help me…If you land the from far, you can cancel into the dash punch every time but the super most of the time don’t come out…Anyone else having this problem?

No real secret way, just as soon as the dash punch hits, finish the super motion. Grind it out in training mode, you’ll get it eventually.

you try it, it doesn’t always work, if you hit the at the tip of the glove and dash punch and then super straight after…Most of the time it don’t work?

Just to make sure, you’re going b, f + p b, f + p and not b, f, b, f + p right?

correct, thats the way i do it, i can do all the hard trial combos in 1 try nearly. Its just sometimes it comes out and sometimes it dont…Is it because of the range? Or do you have to do it in a certain way? If you try it with it will work 100% of the time but with it don’t? (especially when you land the from far)

try pianoing the super if the super doesn’t come out. works for me now 80% of the time.

thx, yeah i think its to do with distance. if you land the too far, even if you piano it, it won’t work. Remember that guys!(for those whose use the walk back xx dash xx super when baiting a throw)

Maybe your inputs are sloppy. Are you using a joystick or controller? I can’t try right now, but I do recall testing the max distance for xx dash straight, and I’d cancel into Super with no problem.