Help comboing s.LP s.LK s.MP into super?



OK, we all know that Yun can tag on a Sourai Rengeki or Level 2+ Raishin Mahhaken (or a You Hou? Not sure) at the end of this combo. But HOW. This is hard- it’s not like, say, Chun-Li’s super where you can do QCF+P (which just does a normal punch) then QCF+P/K (which will do the super). Since QCF+P is actually a special for Yun, does this mean you actually have to wait till after you hit MP to start doing the QCFX2? Or am I just stupid and doing something wrong? Those of you who can do this, please post describing how you do.


Since it’s a chian combo, you can press the mp button earlier than you normally would. This gives you more time to do the super motion.


You can combo every ground super, and the stick has to be at neutral when you press short, or it won`t chain to s.strong. So maybe you can do s.jab,qcf,neutral,s.short,s.strong,qcf+p to buffer the sorai rengeki for example, but i prefer doing the motion after


i was having trouble doing this corrner combo that no one has seen with yun(in my area)

jab, short, strong, lv.2 Yang super, cancle with shoulder, medium kick, jump jab fierce (24 hits)

the trick is ITS SLOW compared to #rd strike things
its like ba ba ba ba
if u listen to it its likea rythem
if u do the whole thing

ba ba ba ba
2 qcf’s