Help cps3 pcb arcade


hello, anyone can help with the pcb CPS3 arcade, I have 3 pcb 3rd strike with their albums, 2 of which are in the region USA and other it is JAPAN and when I turn says that THERE IS NOT ENOUGH MEMORY INSTALLED ON PCB, TURN OFF POWER ! MORE MEMORY AND INSTALL BEFORE RESTARTING.
and change the memory slot but still continues with the same problem. any of you know how to solve this problem? any help. attached images
thank you .,,,


It’s a little hard to see from the pics, but I do notice you have 6 SIMMs per 3rd Strike board. That’s good.
Can you confirm that the right sizes are put in the correct spots? As per
I have yet to get my CPS3 setup up and running, but I’ve read that, a lot of times, you just need to make sure your SIMMs and cart are seated correctly.


has 6 memories sim in each slot, all are set accordingly (2 x 64 bit, 4 x 128 bits) possess three pcb, 2 not work and 1 is completely dead, is just use the memory and retrieve the cartridge 3rd strike, now I do not understand memory asking if the reports are already placed in the slots . the photos here