Help, currently stumped : /

okay so can anyone answer this for me? I’ve read around the forum a lil bit and not sure if i grazed passed the info but, is it possible to seismo feint into a tk feint, vice versa? and if so, what advantage would it really have? other than a trick, because feinting +attakcs is just for cancelling the animation to connect for combos.

Another question I ran into during training was regarding FFF. After the cr.FP, Feint, cr.FP, Feint…i go on to do a…cr.MK,TK… why does it not tell me i did 4 hit combo?
Is there a time limit to when the holding down of HP and letting go to feint?
I tried continuously to do it faster but if i do it to fast between cr.FP, feint…i’ll come out with something other than a feint. therefore i drop the combo.

(I know me sucking is a factor but other than that…i’ll need an answer :china:)

Ps. not sure if I said that sloppy.

well im not sure about canceling but you can do a seismo feint and tk feint very fast together. i dont think you get any benifit besides f you doing it about mid screen to bait. as for your second question are you doing f feint f feint cr mk mp tk? and your only getting 4 hits. well that usually doesnt combo on many people.

There is is no combo benefit from doing TK feint into seismo you’ll actually be at worse frame advantage as said it’s only really meant for baiting or just being flashy.

And as said FFFF tk is character specific and only works on Gief.

ok yeah just wondering on that first question. but thank you.

And no actually what I was trying to say is that, its not registering as a 4 hit combo. it registers 2 hits and counting every hit after a feint, a single attack. You can see why this is bad for me. basically when I watch wolfkrone or latif etc I notice how fast the feint cancellation is between hits. I guess what i would need help on is…How long do I actually gotta hold down HP before i can SJC it into another attack?

Do you kinda understand? its sorta hard to explain. I can FFF but im not sure if its fast enough to register as an actual combo. I can make it look like a combo but it simply doesn’t register. lol sorry i keep re-iterating myself. and of course i sorta know my own solution but the faster i go, a EX TK comes out like always.

Ok, first you need to be doing the motion for the feint quickly enough to where if you WERENT feinting, you would be cancelling the fierce into a hp thunder knuckle. Its a 2 in 1 just like ryu’s cr forward to fireball. Thats the speed you have to feint the tk, then immediately hit cr fierce to do the FFF.

The combo you mentioned should actually be turned into a FFF xx Ex Seismic Hammer (then follow up with sjc into whatever) or FFF xx mp tk. Or, fierce xx hp tk feint, then cr forward xx mp tk (used mainly for characters that are further away, or after a crossup on some characters because a normal FFF wont hit fully). These are all 3 hit combos.

It also sounds like you’re negative edging the fierce to do the feint, while this does work, I prefer just to do the full motions.

oh ok. yeah it works better. That ryu reference really helped because i got that move down and understood the timing almost instantly, so yeah thx.

im dealing pretty much with the same issue bbut i gott squishy buttons on my fs3 its kinda difficult to determine if buttons are pressed correctly under pressure would any1 suggest changin them out and if so wat to?

What exactly are these “squishy” buttons? i prefer sanwa or seimitsu.

Another way to tell if its your buttons is to go into training and make sure your input is on that way you can see if they are coming out as your training.

my buttons are stock hori fs3 buttons all my buttons and comands are correct and wrk fine i just kno sawna buttons click when pushed and my stock buttons dont, like i said (squishy) im not realy sure how else to explain there feel

Well from review the only clear thing i understood from it, is that it wont last very long durability wise.Its normal if your buttons differ, its just how well they respond. If you are that concerned and have the extra cheeze you should mod it with new buttons/stick or if you got the money invest in a madcatz TE/Hori RAP V3SA. There are other types as well.