Help! custom arcade stick weird input problem(ps3)

Hello all!, i dont post here frequently, but i have this issue that is killig me, and i was hoping any of the arcade stick gurus that post here could help me…
*here is the problem, *My ps3 stick is presenting a weird issue, some buttons dont respond to the mapped action in fighting games, it would make sense if the stick didnt work in any game, but the stick works perfect in games like scott pilgrim and in the ps3 menus or game menus…

i have no clue what the issue could be, i tried the stick with MvsC3, MK and SFIII ( demo), and when i try to reConfigure the control scheme, some buttons stop responding to the corresponding game action mapped to the button.

i made the stick myself, using sanwa parts and a generic wired PCB, it used to work great in every game, except for the triggers (R2, L2) which never worked in most games… i havent used the stick for a while( like 3-4 months), until recently, so i am not sure if a ps3 firmware update is the cause, but it doesnt make sense because the stick works fine with some games,ps3 menus and ingame menus.

any help would be greatly appreciated =)

Fix the triggers, or unassign any action that is currently assigned to the trigger.

That would be the cause of your errors, like toodles said fix the triggers or stop assigning commands to the triggers

If you are lost on how to fix your triggers, some photos of your sticks wiring might shed some light on your issues.

oh thanks for the help Toodles and Darksakul, indeed the triggers never worked 100%, i remeber i used some resistors on the triggers, but never managed to get them work on every game… i will try to post some pics of my wiring tonite when i get home.