Help! datel arcade pro turbo button replacement or mod!


I’ve been working on my first stick mod based on a datel arcade pro. I started quite some time ago and due to some setbacks boxed it up and left it for some time. Going back to it now iv’e found the plunger (the soft rubber piece) on the bottom of the turbo button has gone missing and the button is no longer useable. So my question is:

  1. Is there somewhere I can purchase a replacement plunger/ button?

  2. Is there a way to make my own plunger?

  3. I’ve read its possible to combine the select and turbo button? How would i do this using the stock pcb and buttons (was only able to find tutorials linking both buttons to a button on another pcb - not stock)?

Any advice would be great, at the moment I have chosen to not use the turbo button in favour of having the select button active however I’d love to get this back online to use with ps3 and pc.