Help deciding on a game

Right now I’m looking at a choice between KoF XI and MB:AC. I have money to buy one at the moment but I’m really having to start setting aside some money for a new vehicle when the van I have now craps out. I’ll buy both eventually but I’m not sure when I’ll buy the second one.

So what’s the consensus here?

I’d say … KoFXi.

fuck that, games are superficial in this situation as i’m in the same bind as you. buy something that COUNTS in the long run. buy the car. btw. MB, I can’t find it anywhere unless ur speaking import most likely.

It’s not as bad as all that actually. My van still has life left in it, I just need to think about setting some money aside and this is pretty much my last purchase before I start doing that. A last hurrah if you will.

Also I’m looking at import for both of them aren’t I? I didn’t think XI had a domestic release yet =/

If i were you, id go with KOFXI over MB:AC

my vote goes to KOFXI

Okay thanks guys, appreciate the input. Best thing to do now is just sleep on it I guess.

Obviously melty blood :smiley:

Which one do you think you will enjoy more? Watch some videos of each if you haven’t already and decide for yourself.

Well in my personal opinion I’d get KoF XI over MB:AC, but it’s not as if either choice is a terrible one.

Probally KoF XI, so you can get practice for arcades. There’s No MB arcades here, so yeah… And you can probally ebay a pc version for cheap…don’t know…

which has more comp in your area?

Well here’s what I would do… it’s 99.99999% doubtful MB will ever see the light of day in Europe or America, and while I’d say KOF XI is the better choice on whole (fun factor etc.), it is already planned for a European release by Ignition, and may have an American one in the future. So using logical deduction, get Melty Blood first, as at a later date you may be able to get a translated KOF XI.

That is unless you don’t care about that factor.

It’s not like translations in FGs are really a big deal anyway.

Xi ftw, melty blood gets boring pretty quickly

Can anyone tell me if the newer models of PS2(the thin flat one’s) can they play imports with a boot up disk? Or only the older PS2.

Slimeline PS2’s can play imports with swap magic yes, and are actually easier to utilize in that capacity since the console opens out, instead of having a tray that slides in and out.

So both can, the slimeline just a bit more convenient.

You still need Magic Keys, though. You can’t use Swap Magic by itself.

True, I got magic keys since I’m none too versed in such things, but I hear it’s not to hard to cover the three sensors yourself.

most people just cover it with tape XD