Help deciding on sticks!


Alright so I’ve finally decided to buy a stick to start playing my fighters with, since I’m really sick of using the controller and want an arcade feel at home. I’ve used one of my friends Hori stick before, and really enjoyed it and I wanted to buy a Hori Real ArcadePro 3 Fight Stick(180 cnd from the guy selling it to me). But there is one problem I have a 360 that I want to use it on. I know it works for the pc which is great for Mame, but is there a way to get the stick to work with 360 aswell ? Also if the ArcadePro 3 is not an option I was also considering the matcatz fightstick(not TE) and the Real Arcade Pro ex for the 360. Unfortunately I cant find a single fightstick in Canada that isn’t overpriced because there all sold out and same goes for the pro ex for the 360, I’m trying to keep my budget under 150 if I possibly can. Also I wanted to use the stick for use with a ps3 at my friends house, (since we both have different systems) and I just wanted to know what the best option would be.


You’re not going to find a stick in retail that will work on both systems. It’s unfortunate, but true. I guess that has a fair bit to do with Microsoft’s security measures. Probably your best option, if you still want it dual-system, is to go with a stick for one of the systems and then mod it with a pad from the other system, or, probably easier, mod a 360 stick with Toodle’s Cthulu board ( This would allow you to use the same stick on both systems.

Hope I’m able to help.


arcade in a box sells a controller which you can use for both xbox 360 and ps3. its a bit pricey (i think i saw those for close or a little over $200). if you just want one for the xbox360 i recommend the hori real arcade pro ex. you can customize the joysticks and buttons with sanwa/semitsu parts and theyre real sturdy. i bought mine from amazon for 139.99 with next day shipping. theyre sold out at the moment but ive been hearing from alot of places that the restocks should come around real soon. good luck


isn’t there an adapter that i can buy , i read somewhere on the forum that lets wired controllers able to use cross platform.


There is but its been reviewed and the feedback is not good. That was an adapter to go from the Xbox 360 to the PS3. Now, there seems to be a product by the same company that would allow you to use a PS3 controller on a Xbox360.

I guess we should wait for someone to review it before you can really relay on this as an option.


See this is why I’m stuck I really enjoy the hori pad’s and this is the only one i can find until 2 months from now, and its kind of expensive and I’d just like to buy a madcatz fightstick (not the TE) to use until it breaks then mod it. And i really wanted something that works on both consoles since i wanna really get into the new sf4 and use it Mame. Like i really wanna buy the ps3 stick just because it has a nicer feel and i’m used to it then the other 360 controllers, and i dont think that xcm adapter thing goes from ps3 to xbox just xbox to ps3 =\


Get a HRAP EX if you like the HRAP 3.

The EX is the 360 version.

Your best bet is just to wait and get the 360 TE version and throw a PS3 cthlu thing in there.

The EX is not common ground, so if you get that, you have to gut it anyway.


So I guess I’m going to have to wait for a pad for 360 then =. stupid microsoft and sony !!!


Get a 360 version SE fightstick & add Toodles chtula board. Now you have a dual system stuck for under 150.


Is that an attempt at humor at the expense of the SE washer problems?


maybe i’ll just buy the madcatz se and just mod it with some sanwa parts and a new stick, but that might run me quite a bit, or i can sell my 360 and play sf on ps3 with my hori stick D: , or is there anyway to mode the hori stick and make it work with a xbox pcb thing , then buy the chtula thing?