Help designing a joystick with Marvel designs

just recently got a joystick 2 months ago ( in June ), but i left for the whole month of july for a big family trip so i’ve only been praticing with it for a little. Coming from a ps2-pad, the converting to stick practice… takes some SERIOUS time to fully get use to! Damn! When i first started out, when trying to dash, a HP would come out often. I couldn’t do tri-jumps, or mag’s rom like on the pad (easily) but i’m slowly starting to to get use to things. Right now, all the timing/execution is known in the mind but putting those skills on a joystick & adapting is going to take some time.

Alright, onto the main question. How would a newbie-designer like myself design a joystick like this? I’ve seen some pretty CRAZY ones out there around SRK (barely any marvel ones though, mostly cvs2/III strike), and I want this one to look crazy!

I got it from MAS systems. It doesn’t have a extra layer of plastic where i can slide pictures underneath (like arcade cabinets. I thought about putting stickers but that wouldn’t make the surface clear cause i’d be feeling lines and eventually it’ll peel off.

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using these pictures from the site below

I’m thinking about getting a small collage of my main teams on the bottom of the joystick (so they’re big and stick out), and all around would be other characters and the MVC2 Logo.

Storm / Thanos / Ironman
Spiral / Cammy / Sentinel

Anybody got any ideas, suggestions, or tips though? It’d be greatly apperciated. Thanks! :smokin:

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You can just use Photoshop or something to make the collage with a logo, then go to Kinko’s and print it out on self-adhesive vinyl. Then rip off the old “art” or put the new one right on top of it.

is self-adhesive vinyl a type of papering or something? is it plastic, hard, and won’t wear out or what?

there is no old art, its just a plain black box as you can tell from the pictures above. which will make things easier right?

kinkos has self adhesive vinyl? last time i went and asked them to print on that and they said they dont carry those.

where should i get adhesive vinyl then? Office depot or Office max? or somethin