Help Diagnose My Stick; SSF4 Xbox 360 TE

I got a problem with my fightstick and I am wondering if someone with experience could pinpoint the problem for me.

When I hold down, or down/forward, then I go forward or try to jump, about 30-40% of the time there is a noticeable delay, the character would just stay crouched. Ie: when doing the motion for a fireball, instead of the fireball coming out, the character just stay crouched.

Is this something wrong with the joystick, the motherboard? Or what?

Any input would be much appreciated, thanks.

The switch is set to LS instead of DP.

lol wow, that did the trick, I feel like an idiot. what does DP stand for?

Directional Pad.

alright, thanks for the help :slight_smile: