Help, does anyone know what these cords are? Fightstick SE Madcatz

This is from my SE Fightstick, this connector cord thing doesn’t work and it’s the thing that connects the joystiq towards the board.

So can anyone tell me what they’re called or where I can find them? I need a replacement.

JLF wireharness

me thinks

btw: i tried finding replacements and found none i just have to solder or rewire…

or you could QDs to attach to a new harness or use a European Style 8-Position Barrier Strip

I’ll forward you a email about if you like


lol i just forwarded the email to you

l8r mate good luck!

That or use two of these.

I’m still trying to find that female peice. Its so close to a floppy power connector…

Check these out also they have the 5 pin connector

and this may work also just pull the extra wire. And its sleeved for you.

JST XH for the part going to Mad Catz PCB.

JST NH for the part going to Joystick.

jdm714 has most all the answer’s :china:

Omg, I found my problem right here cause the connectors work on the old stick

Hey jdm, exactly what crimping tool would you use for these kinds of connectors? I’ve been wondering that myself for a while

Did I post something wrong?

Your problem is what?

You need an Open Barrel Terminal Crimper. has the Hozan which does the Quick Disconnects you see in TE.

I have these myself.

Able to do the Contacts of JST stuff.

Good news, I swapped out the boards on the parts and now my Sanwa works, i’d like to thank everyone who pitched in to help I really appreciate it.

Just guessing from the picture since i don’t have a madcatz stick but those look like roughly 24awg open barrel female pins. You would want a crimper like this however the exact one would depend on the pin vendor and size. Hopefully that helps some.

Hmm… the open barrel crimp tools, are they the same thing as D-sub crimpers ( If so, I may already have one.