Help (don't flame)

recently started playing sf3. I know am a tad late, having difficulties playing oro.

I cant get the chicken combo right.
I can combo the first part, until i hit the part where i have to make my enemy fly again aka afther the first chicken hit.

What do you have to do ?
Tried strick timing, didnt work, oro either does nothing, jumps without hiting the enemy. Also tried mashing the damn mp button, the push does connects but it seems likes its to fast because when oro jumps to hit the enemy back again he misses because the enemy is too high in the air.

Also been wondering if anyone knows any good combo i could do with overheads.

Thank you

Thanks agains for not flaming my scrub little posts with bad english :wink:

ps: anyone plays on kaillera ? i would need a good server

My general advice to new players is pick Ken first, so that you can learn the basic mechanics of the system. Oro is not one of the characters I would recommend because I feel you need a good sense of advance strategy (like mind games) to create openings in your opponents defenses.

But to the real point, the chicken combo is somewhat character specific. In general, it is close mp cancel the first hit into mk chicken, repeat. However, the chicken combo doesn’t really work normally against twins and Hugo. More over, the timing on shotos is really tight. So half of your problem might just be you’re practicing on the wrong character. Dudley is one of the easiest characters to chicken combo, so try practicing on him first. Other than that, it should be that difficult, so just keep trying.

Also, in terms of general strategy, look up Man of Gold on YouTube. That’s a great place to start.

^ What he said…

Already did, am new but about a week and i played on the internet alot so, am not THAT newb, i started with Q and twelve, went to oro, also hate the shotos so.

any of you guys play on kaillera ?

Oro has no combos off an overhead, it’s one of his weaknesses.

q->twelve->oro … u are climbing the tier… slowly but climbing anyway xD

all i can say… is that u should wait until adversary is almost in the ground… the closest to the ground the better chicken u ahve pulled out. if u hit to high (when the other is falling) you lose it. mp hits twice, try always to use the first hit.

You do can some pretty rubbish things. You can link an overhead to an ex uppercut on, for example, a crouching Shoto - non meaty.

Like charge down right afther doing UHO? or the standing fierce ?

The UOH.

charge partition.

How strict is the timing/distancing?

timing isn’t hard, but the distancing is :S

Your post confuses me. Can you tell us what you’re doing?

This, and if you hate Shotos…Pick Chun

(I feel hypocritical tho, since my first character was Ibuki cuz i played pocket fighter alot before this game)

^ What he said. EDIT - what Spectre7 said!

I don’t understand the mashing mp, are you inputting correctly?

:mp::qcf::mk:, :mp::qcf::mk: etc? When you get the timing right only the first hit of the mp should connect then Oro hits the stomp.

It sounds like your not executing the combo correctly but as 1hitparry said it doesn’t work on everyone either.

people are accualy nice on here :wink:

I’ve been working on my oro, getting really better.
Am still having problem doing dmg to player who block low alot.
Am gonna try that uoh combo, i’ve been having problem finding hole for that
Standing mp combo, i also cant hit the timing right, prolly have to work on that.
Any good punishing overhead combos ?

Any of you guys play on Kaillera ??? or it’s like not legal to talk about it on the forum


Well, it’s not horrible if you know how to do the unblockable loop starting with an EX Uppercut… but that’s really all I can think of.

Why does everybody need to combo off of an overhead? Seriously. Kara UOH, dash back, MK.

yeah i also started playing oro and i was playing against the dudley player i play with nearly everyday, but i swore to god that at least if it was meaty that you could do UOH>close strong i’d like someone to test it out for sure but c.c;; yeah.

Yes you can.